General Shop Program Overview

  • The General Shop Program is a one-year program which provides ninth grade students on IEPs an opportunity to explore various vocational areas such as, carpentry, metal fabrication, welding, plumbing, small engine repair/maintenance, machine shop, and furniture refinishing within a self-contained shop setting that reinforces and emphasizes shop safety,  and provides introductory vocational experiences through project based instruction. Students in the General Shop Program are also assigned shop exploratory experiences during the first trimester in vocational areas that are not addressed in the General Shop program. During their time in their non-General Shop exploratory placements students are mainstreamed within the Freshman Exploratory setting during their scheduled time. Students spend a half day in shop, either in the morning or in the afternoon, and receive their academic instruction during the other half of their day.  During the half day academic periods, the students receive instruction in English Language Arts, math, history, physical education, and Computer Applications.

    At mid-year or earlier if warranted, the progress of each student in General Shop is reviewed to determine his/her vocational and academic growth.  Those students who display the necessary vocational and academic skills to be successful are given the opportunity to integrate into a less restrictive vocational and/or academic program at this mid-year juncture. Students may be placed in the Standard Program of Studies or continue in the Basic Program of Studies academically with vocational placement in a shop that has been recommended for the student. At the end of Grade 9, the progress of the students remaining in General Shop is reviewed.  Students who have demonstrated the vocational and academic abilities required to succeed at Diman are offered a permanent vocational placement for grade 10 and are recommended to either the Basic Program of Studies or the Standard Program of Studies according to academic ability.

General Shop


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    We want you to join the Diman family. While we're proud of our vocational programs and their ability to turn young men and women into skilled members of the community, we can't maintain that level of quality without the help of industry professionals. Please consider joining our Vocational Advisory Board, where you will help steer our vocational programs and students toward future success. Learn more and apply here.

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Basic Skill Areas Explored

    • Carpentry
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Welding
    • Plumbing
    • Small Engine Repair/Maintenance
    • Machine Shop
    • Furniture Refinishing