Drafting Program Overview

  • In the Drafting Program, students learn to communicate thoughts and ideas by using graphic representation. Drafting students translate design concepts through sketches, details, assemblies, and specifications. To generate their drawings, Drafting students use computer-aided-drafting (CAD) systems, technical handbooks, tables, and calculators. Students increase their general technical knowledge by learning engineering and manufacturing processes used in industry.

    The drafting curriculum provides instruction predominately in mechanical drafting, along with limited instruction in architectural, civil, piping, structural, electronic, and electrical drafting. Field trips to local businesses provide a realistic industrial setting of an engineering/design department. Senior students complete a "senior design project" and are also encouraged to participate in the co-op job placement program.

    The Drafting shop generates drawings required for projects that are being completed by other shops such as Precision Machining, Metal Fabrication, and Carpentry.

    Objectives of a Drafting student are accuracy, legibility, neatness, and speed. Students should also have the ability to visualize objects, along with possessing good communication and math skills.

Diman Drafting Program


  • Diman Advisory Board Seeks Your Help

    We want you to join the Diman family. While we're proud of our vocational programs and their ability to turn young men and women into skilled members of the community, we can't maintain that level of quality without the help of industry professionals. Please consider joining our Vocational Advisory Board, where you will help steer our vocational programs and students toward future success. Learn more and apply here.

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Skills & Careers

  • Students graduating from Diman have a variety of job options open to them. Below is a partial list of jobs Diman grads from this program are qualified for, depending on their level of education.

    Diman Diploma 2 Year College 4 Year College
    • Detailed draftsperson
    • Drafter assistant
    • CAD detailer
    • Technical salesperson
    • Mechanical drafter
    • Architectural drafter
    • CAD drafter
    • Design checker
    • CAD manager/engineering technician
    • Civil engineering technician
    • Electrical engineering technician
    • Landscape designer
    • Marine engineering technician
    • Design manager
    • CAD specialist/manager
    • Civil engineer
    • Structural engineer
    • Field engineer
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Industrial engineer
    • Manufacturing engineer

    Skills & Skill Areas

    • Introduction to Drafting
    • Paper, Borders, & Title Blocks
    • Lettering & Linework
    • Scales & Measurements
    • Instrument Drawing
    • Technical Mathematics
    • Geometric Construction
    • Multiview Projection
    • Dimensioning
    • Manufacturing Practices
    • Reproduction & Filing
    • Introduction to Computers
    • File Management & Back-up
    • Introduction to AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Commands
    • Plotting & Printing
    • Working Drawings
    • Revolutions
    • Sectional Views
    • Auxiliary Views
    • Isometrics
    • Intersections & Developments
    • Fasteners & Springs
    • Welding Representation
    • Introduction to Architecture
    • Architectural Drawings
    • Civil Drawings
    • Piping Drawings
    • Structural Drawings
    • Electrical & Electronic Drawings
    • Power Transmission Systems
    • Design Concepts
    • Advanced CAD Applications
    • Employment Preparation

In the News

  •  The box!

    MAVA features Diman student's work

    We are excited to share some terrific news as the CAD/Drafting program at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River has received Statewide recognition!! They are one of only two high schools in New England that offers their students a NOCTI-backed industry-recognized certification in Additive Manufacturing. (5/23/24)

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  •  Rockwool presentation

    Rockwool demonstration enhances building science knowledge

    Thank you to Rockwool (@rockwoolna) for the building science presentation and demonstration. Expert Nick Stone did an excellent job expanding our students' knowledge of proper wall assembly design, thermal envelopes, controlling dew points within a wall assembly, and the pros and cons of various insulation products. Students were engaged and shown another career pathway in building science that now more than ever needs to be implemented to meet the energy code and create a safe, healthy living space. (3/17/22)

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  •  Students look at the sluice gate

    ‘Top notch’ work from Diman students on key piece of city infrastructure

    A group of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School students saw the fruits of their labors materialized in a dramatic way on Friday when a project they had worked on for a year -- replacing vital sluice gates that help control the flow of water from the Quequechan River -- became an integral part of the city’s infrastructure for decades to come. (7/10/20)

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  •  Some of the masks

    Diman School makes PPE for local health care providers

    Diman Regional Technical High School of Fall River, Massachusetts, has produced more than 700 face masks and 200 ear guards for donation to local healthcare and residential nursing centers, as well as the Army National Guard. (5/18/20)

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  •  The masks

    Diman producing face shields to protect health care workers against coronavirus

    Diman Regional Vocational Technical School is putting its technology to use to help protect health care workers from the coronavirus. (3/30/20)

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  •  Machine Tool Technology Department Chair, Michael Oliveira, explains how a state grant will support

    Diman gets $500,000 to support emerging technologies

    he world of work is getting smaller, much smaller, Thomas Aubin said. Workers in 10 or 15 years will have to be adept at the needs of nanotechnology, making the machines and tools to operate robots that will require a microscope to see. They will have to make objects with such precision that one ten thousands of an inch is sloppy. (10/18/17)

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