Basic Program Overview

  • Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School offers a Basic Vocational/Academic Program, which is specifically designed and modified for those students requiring curriculum to be reinforced daily due to their learning difficulties. Students in the Basic Program receive instruction in academics and shop on a daily basis allowing for more continuous instruction and reinforcement of curriculum. Diman provides a range of services to all students with disabilities as per their Individual Educational Plans (IEPs).

    • In order to meet learning goals on a student’s IEP, modified academic instruction occurs in a self-contained Special Education classroom during four periods of the school day in specific subject areas based on a student’s grade level.
    • English Language Arts and math are taught at all four grade levels.
    • Physical Education is taught at all four grade levels one day per week. This is accomplished by substituting one period of P.E. for one period of either history or science depending on grade level.
    • Biology is taught at the tenth grade level in order to prepare students to take the state MCAS exam in their sophomore year.
    • History is taught at the ninth, eleventh, and twelfth grade levels.
    • Computer Applications is taught in the ninth and tenth grade levels during one class period of ELA for one trimester in the computer lab.
    • Students are integrated daily into a vocational program for the remaining half of their day, equivalent to four school periods.

    Standard Program of Studies

    • This program services the majority of Diman students including students whose learning difficulties do not require academic and vocational reinforcement on a daily basis. Students in the Standard Program attend alternating, 2-week academic and vocational cycles.
    • Students are placed in a substantially separate class in the area of math and/or English Language Arts as per their Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
    • Students’ IEPs provide all academic and vocational teachers with the necessary accommodations/modifications to enable students to succeed in a less restrictive environment for the majority of the day.

    Students in the Standard Program on IEPs are mainstreamed into vocational trade areas based on results of the Freshman Exploratory Program.