Automotive Technology Program Overview

  • The Automotive Technology Program is designed to prepare students for employment opportunities in the automotive industry. Upon completion this program, students are knowledgeable in all entry-level skills necessary to repair vehicles in any modern auto repair facility.

    A selection of the many skills learned includes, but is not limited to: engine repair and performance, electrical systems, heating, air conditioning, brakes, suspension, and the transaxle. Students are instructed on state emissions requirements and testing of today's complex automobiles with state-of-the-art dynamometer and electronic equipment.

    Graduates of this program are prepared to secure employment in a wide variety of occupations in the automotive industry.

Diman Automotive Technology Program


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Skills & Careers

  • Students graduating from Diman have a variety of job options open to them. Below is a partial list of jobs Diman grads from this program are qualified for, depending on their level of education.

    Diman Diploma 2 Year College 4 Year College
    • Entry level auto service technician
    • Service writer
    • Parts department
    • Dealership employment
    • Technical salesperson
    • Automotive design engineering
    • Diesel engineering technician
    • Service manager
    • General manager
    • Engineering technician
    • Research and development technician
    • Automotive design engineer
    • College instructor
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Manufacturing engineer
    • Insurance underwriter
    • Research and development engineer

    Skills & Skill Areas

    • Automotive Trade Orientation
    • Servicing Lube Points/Filter Levels
    • Servicing Tires
    • Inspecting/Repairing Exhaust System
    • Maintaining/Servicing the Cooling System
    • Maintaining Engine Electrical System
    • Servicing Brake System
    • Servicing Steering/Front Suspension
    • Servicing Heating/Air Conditioning System
    • Servicing Engine Fuel System
    • Servicing Options/Accessories
    • Maintaining/Repairing Engines
    • Maintaining/Servicing Manual Transmission/Clutch Components
    • Maintaining/Servicing Automatic Transmission System
    • Maintaining/Servicing Differential
    • Driveline
    • Servicing the Electronics System
    • Servicing Automotive Electrical System

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