Business Professionals of America

  • Advisors: Mr. Pimentel and Mrs. Boscombe


    BPA Meeting Schedule (Tentative) in A102 at 2:30pm:

    Tuesday - 11/7/23

    Tuesday - 12/19/23

    Tuesday - 1/9/24

    Tuesday - 2/6/24

    Friday - 3/1/24 - CAN'T MISS

    Tuesday - 3/26/24

    Thursday - 4/25/24

    Tuesday - 5/7/24 - CAN’T MISS

    Tuesday - 5/28/24

    If you are unable to attend a meeting, please email one of the advisors before the meeting!

    Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration, health administration and other related career fields.

    A major program of Business Professionals of America is the Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP). The WSAP prepares students to succeed and assesses real-world business skills and problem solving abilities in finance, management, IT and computer applications. It is BPA’s showcase program and facilitates students demonstrating their career skills at regional, state and national conferences in more than 90 competitive events.

    You can find more information, as well as scheduled events and photos on our website: Diman BPA


  • We had a very productive weekend at the BPA  State Leadership Conference! Our students performed very well and were great Diman representatives! Here's the breakdown on how we did.

    Administrative Support Concepts
    Aiden Medeiros 1st place

    Computer Animation Team
    Ruby Haskell
    Lauren Nunes
    Eric Cruz 1st place

    Computer Modeling

    Jeffrey Portela 4th place

    Economic Research Team
    Hannah King
    Samantha Rego 4th place
    Extemporaneous Speech
    Jacob Chaunt 5th place
    Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
    Austin Fonseca 3rd place
    Fundamentals of Web Design
    Lylah Thibeault 3rd place
    Jeffrey Portela 5th place
    Health Administration Concepts
    Phoenix Bennet 2nd place
    Angelina Ouy 3rd place
    Jenna Barboza 4th place
    Health Administration Procedures
    Hannah King 2nd place
    Medical Coding
    Phoenix Bennet 1st place
    Abigail Santos 3rd place
    Angelina Ouy 4th place
    Jenna Barboza 5th place
    Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts
    Aiden Medeiros 3rd place
    Meeting and Event Planning Concepts
    Austin Fonseca 5th place
    Presentation Individual
    Christian Esteves 4th place
    Presentation Team
    Darius Bayanilla
    Jacob Chaunt
    Jeffrey Portela 2nd place
    User Experience Design Team
    Colin Brearley 
    Nolan Daponte
    Oleksandr Lysi
    Cole Richards 2nd place
    Visual Design Team
    Lilly Carneiro
    Jade Ferreira
    Olivia Medeiros 1st place
    Web Design Team
    Ryan Brillon
    Corey Gaspar
    Zachary Lasson
    Lucas Ward 2nd place
    Marissa Bettencourt
    Christian Esteves
    Melody Morin 4th place
    Chapter president, Lylah Thibeault, was also the recipient of the Judith Mckinstry scholarship!
    So in total we had four students in 5th place, nine students in 4th place, five students in 3rd place, thirteen students in 2nd place, and 8 students in first place for a total of 39 medals! We're super proud of what they were able to accomplish and are looking forward to their performance at the national conference in Chicago, Illinois!
    Diman students at BPA State Leadership Conference 2024
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  • In our first year as a member of Business Professionals of America 15 students qualified to attend the National Leadership Conference in California. Six of those students were finalists in their respective competitions.

    Visual Design Team
    Aidan Santos
    Luke Lawton
    Lilly Carneiro - 11th place

    Prepared Speech
    Lylah Thibeault - 9th place

    Computer Modeling 
    Olivia Medeiros - 4th place

    Linux Operaing System Fundamentals
    Joey Pereira - 3rd place

    All the students worked incredibly hard to get there, and placing in the top 10 in the entire country is an amazing achievement. 

    2023 BPA National Leadership Conference Winners

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  • Diman attended our first Business Professionals of America (BPA) competition on March 6-7. Out of the 20 students who participated 18 of them earned a medal. Diman earned 27 medals in total. 15 of the students who earned medals are eligible to compete in the April National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. 

    Here's the breakdown on our peformance:

    1st place - six wins
    2nd place  - six wins
    3rd place  - three wins
    4th place - five wins
    5th place - six wins
    7th place - one win

    C# Programming
    Otis Chaka-Weidenfeller  - 5th place

    Computer Modeling
    Olivia Medeiros - 2nd place

    Computer Programming Concepts
    Joey Pereira - 3rd place

    Digital Communications & Design Concepts
    Joey Pereira - 3rd place

    Extemporaneous Speech
    Jacob Chaunt - 7th place
    Dominic Cabral - 5th place

    Fundamentals of Web Design
    Lylah Thibeault - 4th place

    Information Technology Concepts
    Joey Pereira - 3rd place

    Java Programming
    Joey Pereira - 4th place

    Linux Operating Systems Fundamentals
    Joey Pereira - 2nd place

    Podcast Production Team
    Otis Chaka-Weidenfeller
    Rauld depina Dos Santos
    Nolan Daponte
    Lucas Ward - 5th place team

    Prepared Speech
    Lylah Thibeault - 2nd place

    Presentation Team
    Dominic Cabral
    Jacob Chaunt - 1st place team

    Visual Design Team
    Lilly Carneiro
    Luke Lawton
    Aidan Santos - 4th place team

    Website Design Team
    Melody Morin
    Marissa Bettencourt
    Christian Esteves - 2nd place team

    Sarah LaVigne
    Lylah Thibeault
    Jeffrey Portela
    Ryan Brillon - 1st place team

    Diman BPA 2023 state winners

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In the News

  •  The team

    Diman shines at national BPA 2024 conference

    In mid-May, 2024, 26 Diman students attended the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois. We are very proud of all that our students were able to achieve this year with BPA! (5/22/24)

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  •  The team

    BPA State Conference Results

    Congratulations to our team of 36 students that competed at the Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference on March 4, 2024 in Norwood, 27 of whom earned invitations to the National Leadership Conference in Chicago in May. (3/15/24)

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  • Business Professionals of America Results

    In its first year as an extracurricular activity, 15 students qualified to attend Business Professionals of America nationals in California. Six of those students were finalists in their respective competitions. (5/8/23)

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  • BPA Conference success

    Congratulations to Diman's Business Professionals of America (BPA) team for a successful showing at their first BPA State Leadership Conference last weekend. An amazing 18 of 20 competing students won medals, with 12 receiving an invite to the National Conference in Anaheim, California in April. (3/13/23)

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