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  • 2017 Academic Awards Winners

    Click here to see a list of our academic award winners for grades 9-11 (6/22/17)

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  • State grant to promote equal opportunity in construction at Diman

    Attorney General Maura Healey announced recently that Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School will be one of the seven organizations across Massachusetts that will be awarded grant funding in order to promote equal opportunity for women and minority workers, and small business owners in the construction industry. (6/15/17)

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  • Literature letter contest success by Diman students

    Congratulations to the following students, who were recognized for their submissions to the 2017 Letters About Literature Writing Contest, sponsored by The United States Library of Congress. (6/14/17)

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  • Innovation Way overpass named for Diman School Committee member

    Speaker after speaker lauded former State Sen. Joan Menard as a builder of bridges — both the physical one that will now bear her name and in her interactions with colleagues and constituents. The overpass at Innovation Way, near the Amazon fulfillment center, was officially named after Menard on Friday morning. (6/12/18)

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  • ‘The adventure begins’ for Diman Regional Class of 2017 graduates

    Don’t tell 329 graduates of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School that Thursday was a cloudy night. With mortarboard messages like “And the adventure begins,” “She believed she could do it so she did” and “Diman 2017-UMD 2021” — and dozens and dozens more creatively decorated — the orange- and black-clad graduates marched onto John P. Harrington Field to cheers and photo ops of an enormous appreciative crowd. (6/9/17)

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  • Top 10 students of the class of 2017

    Meet our students with the highest overall GPA from the class of 2017 (6/9/17)

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  • Diman's Class of 2017

    Meet the 330 members of Diman's Class of 2017! Congratulations to all of them for this achievement. (6/8/17)

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  • Best and Brightest for 2017

    Diman is proud of our three students named as part of the Herald News Best and Brightest. Congratulations to Dylan Barcelos, Ashton Begin, and Isabella Connors! (6/5/17)

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  • Diman junior earns job at Harvard

    Harvard Medical wants Dylan Barcelos, but not as a student (at least, not yet): he’s going to work with Harvard associates to be a researcher. The Diman junior will spend the summer working with The Harvard Medical/Dana Farber CURE Program, where he will be researching cancer and cancer treatments. (6/2/17)

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  • Bridging the skills gap

    Many manufacturers who embrace technology to remain competitive find that implementing the latest machinery and software can be easier than finding the skilled labor needed to successfully use it. When it comes to bridging a widening skills gap, institutions like Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School of Fall River, Mass., are a welcome resource for industry leaders in search of well-trained and talented employees. (6/1/17)

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Jewel of the City

  • From the Fall River Herald News

    Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School has a long and distinguished history, not only of turning out first-rate graduates, but of lending a hand when needed. The latest example of this community spirit comes in the form of Diman students replacing an antiquated heating system at the Fall River Water Department building.

    The system was, to be kind, in bad shape. City finances being what they always are, a much-needed replacement seemed unlikely. That's when the Diman cavalry rode to the rescue, offering not just to patch, but to replace the complaining, old heating system.

    And the Diman students aren't doing a halfway job either. They're installing new boilers, new pipes, new baseboards and a 15-zone heat control system. What's not to like about this deal? The Water Department (and its long-suffering employees) will get a building whose heating ability is equal to the New England winters. The students from Diman get, not just experience in their various trades, but an opportunity to do something good. They also get the opportunity to learn how nice it is to help someone out of a jam.

    The kids at Diman will someday practice a wide variety of trades, including plumbing, heating, car repair, culinary arts, construction and much more. In short, Diman students are learning to do the work that makes the world run. Put a dozen men of genius in a room to solve all the world's problems and they won't get much done if there's no roof on the building, no heat or no plumbing.

    Since Diman grads will go forth to do the work that runs the world, it's a good idea they get a solid grounding, not just in hammer and nails work, but in the harder work of honesty, caring and lending a helping hand.

    Over the decades, Fall River and its surrounding towns have been well-served by Diman. It's there that our sons and daughters get on the path to a good job and it's from there that Diman graduates go out to take up all kinds of important jobs.

    And, time and time again, Diman students who have not yet graduated, lend their hands and their hearts to some important piece of work that would never get done without their skilled, cheerful assistance.