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Degrees and Certifications:

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Master's Degree in Professional Writing; Bachelor's Degree in English Literature

Dr. Katie Warren, Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs

Dr. Katie Warren is the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School located in Fall River, MA.  As Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, Dr. Warren is responsible for overseeing and managing the academic programs at Diman.  Some of this work includes, but is not limited to, supervising the MCAS exams and programs; the AP exams and programs; the Diman/Bristol/UMD CAP programs; the Title I, II, and IV programs; and other academic related initiatives. 

As a manner of preparation for this position, Dr. Warren extensively studied the fields of education and communication.  Dr. Warren presently holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, a Master's Degree in Professional Writing, and a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.  Prior to completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Warren successfully participated in a Post-Master's Educational Leadership program and currently holds Massachusetts certification as both a comprehensive and vocational/technical Superintendent and Principal.  Additionally, Dr. Warren maintains her professional certification as a 9-12 English teacher.

Dr. Warren’s professional interests include the study of historic marginalization and the manner in which policy interacts with education in the public sector.  Most recently, this research has led to investigation into high-stakes standardized testing and the impact it has upon U.S. youths.

As a professional educator and academic administrator, Dr. Warren maintains her affiliation with AERA, MSAA, and NEERO.  She currently serves on the MSAA Educational Policies Committee and the Assistant Principals Committee.  Dr. Warren is also a member of the AERA Administration, Organization, and Leadership Division and the Critical Educators for Social Justice and Career and Technical Education SIGs.