Diman Cooperative Education Program




    About Co-Op

    Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School has instituted a cooperative employment program whereby students in Grade 12 will spend two (2) weeks in class and two (2) weeks in the industry working in the occupation or trade they have been studying in school. Students are eligible to apply for the cooperative program in their second semester junior year and into senior year.

    Our Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide an opportunity to further a student's education through actual work experience while gaining valuable employability skills on the job. Typically, most job sites will have 2 students per 1 full-time job, thus job sharing. Students will attend school for 2 weeks for academics and then return to their respective employers for 2 weeks for Co-Op.

    Over 120 employers across Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island have formed a partnership with our program in providing students with employment. Below are some of the employers that participate in our program in addition to many more:

    • Gladding & Hearn
    • Design Erognomics 
    • People Inc.
    • Piping Systems, Inc
    • Wayne J. Griffin Electrical
    • Cadence Inc. 

    How It Works

    Students are employees of their respective employer. The Co-Op Employer must provide the following in order to participate in our Cooperative Education Program:

    • Must provide supervision at ALL times
    • Must provide at least 30 hours a week or more
    • Must have Worker' Compensation Insurance
    • Must provide training and education required to perform the job safely
    • An opportunity to further a student's skills and education in their vocation
    • Must be a paid employee of your organization

    If interested, please contact Kevin Lazaro, Director of Cooperative Education at 508-678-2891 x1300 or email at klazaro@dimanregional.org


Files and Downloads


    TSheets.com (Now Quickbooks Time App)

    • Students are responsible for punching in and out their time via Quickbooks Time (formerly Tsheets) mobile application. Students are advised to keep pay stubs as well.
    • This is separate from your timekeeping practices, this tracks the student's hours for the school.

    Student Application/Sign Out


    You will need the following documents:

    Employer Application

    • Students are at their co-op job for 2 weeks at a time during the month
    • Employers must provide 30 hours or MORE each week for the co-op student. Thus, week 1 = 30 hours or more, same for week 2
    • Job must be related to the vocational program (i.e. Health Assisting student works in Medical Records)
    • Students are paid employees of their co-op company.
    • Must be covered by YOUR worker’s comp policy.

    Co-Op Calendar 2020-2021

    • Students are designated “A” and “B” week students.
    • This calendar allows the employer to navigate the school year and which student is with them.

    MA CORI (Massachusetts Resident)

    RI CORI (Rhode Island Resident)

    • Must be filled out by the direct supervisor with a copy of THEIR driver’s license to be processed.
    • We DO NOT require all employees to fill out a CORI
    • Processing of the CORI DOES NOT hold back the process of bringing the student on board.
    • The supervisor will fill out the appropriate MA or RI CORI form where he/she resides.

    Co-Op Child Labor Laws

    Employer Evaluation

    • Once a semester I will email you an evaluation for each student that you have at your facility for their grade
    • Typically they come in January and mid-May.