Covid-19 Resources for Teachers

  • This is where we'll put resources needed for our break during Covid-19 shutdown, including Google Classroom info, etc.

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    March 16, 2020

    Below, please find the information discussed on the intercom this morning.
    • Please be in classrooms/shop/hallways by 11am today. There are no lunches, please do not send your students to the cafeteria for lunch.
    • At 2:10pm, we will make an announcement to send all students to their respective shops.
    • We prefer people to leave the building by 2:30 pm.  If you need to stay longer, you may stay until 3:30 pm. 
    • Full time employees will get paid including long term subs
    • Follow normal protocol regarding student and parent emails- 24 hours to respond
    • Please submit your senior mid semester II grades by Thursday March 26, in ASPEN. This is a week later than the original date. Again, March 26.
    • Please do not treat this as a vacation or snow day- be careful of social media posts.
    • Please continue to grade work and communicate with students as needed
    • The last day of school June 25th, we will not go beyond this day, this is our 185th day
    • No changes to master schedule (prom, graduation stay the same)
    • Co-op is canceled during this time - co-op students are expected to do shop work for grade. Maria Torres will be sending out an email to all vocational staff about work during this time
    • Contacting students via phone - we sent out directions to create google voice
    • We must be able show DESE evidence of work to reach 990 for the year. Maria Katie and Lois will send out an email regarding online learning and expectations.
    • Communications - if anyone didn’t receive blackboard call, please email Dr. Ferreira
    • Google Classroom Help: Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Sims Mrs. Mcphearson will be sharing help videos that will be emailed out today.
    • Food for students: Starting Tuesday, grab and go breakfast and lunches will be available between 11am - 12pm each day. Students may visit any of the FRPS locations as well as Somerset PS locations. This will be communicated with our students via an all-call tonight and social media. 
    • If students are not completing work, please know counselors are still resource. Please reach out to them!
    • If sick, notify your coordinator if you are unable to be on google classroom.