Bake Shop

  • Did You Know We Have a Pastry Counter?

    At the entrance of our restaurant, our student-run pastry counter is the place you'll find yummy baked goods, cookies, and pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. The Bake Shop also supplies Room251 Restaurant daily with a variety of fresh bread and pastries. 

    Special Orders

    Are you looking for that special occasion cake or custom-made baked good? Under the instruction of Chef Cathleen Zamow, our students can make you a custom cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other special requests that look and taste amazing!

    When inquiring about a custom order please include:

    • A brief description of what you are looking for, include any special flavors or request
    • The quantity of the item(s) your ordering
    • When you need the order by (must allow time for preparation depending on the product, cakes must be ordered 1 week in advance)

    All orders are handled personally by Chef Zamow.

    Simply Call:  (508)678-2891 ext. 1970  or ext. 1680