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Mr. Adam Simcock

     Hello! Welcome to the Advanced Manufacturing program here at Diman! My name is Adam Simcock, and I am the Freshmen Instructor for the Advanced Manufacturing program. As a Graduate of the Advanced Manufacturing program ( Precision Machining while I attended), I spent over 15 years in the industry as a Tool & Diemaker. My career began the day after graduation as a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Apprentice Tool & Diemaker. I spent the next 8,000 hours continuing my education with on the job training, working under Class-A Tool & Diemakers performing different skillsets that are required to become a Journeyman Toolmaker. Upon completion of the program, I worked as a journeyman within the company, continually learning more and refining my skills. Over the years at the same company, I had many opportunities come along that awarded me with additional skill sets within the trade. I ran CNC equipment to build Tooling Projects, and eventually began programming the CNC Machines that I was running. I really enjoyed the many differing challenges that I was able to solve over my years in the industry. My next step within the company was to move into the Design/ Engineering Department, when the opportunity to come back and teach at Diman presented itself. Knowing the impact this program had on my career and the ever growing need for skilled machinists in the trade, I decided to come back and teach future generations of Machinists a skillset that will be rewarding and Impactful to both the local community as well as worldwide.

     Without Machinists, our society would not function. Everything we touch has to go through some sort of machining process, whether it be to make a specific part, or a process that makes the existence of that part possible. This was one thing that attracted me to this trade as a student. If you can imagine it, there is a way to make it utilizing the unique skills acquired in Advanced Manufacturing. If you have a creative side, and enjoy some level of technology, Advanced Manufacturing may be of interest to you! The demand for our students is so high that we have more companies looking to hire our students than we have in our program! We also have had the highest paying Co-Op jobs in the school, and still continue to. If you have any questions or interest in the Advanced Manufacturing trade, please reach out via email to myself, or any of the other instructors in our program. We would all be happy to discuss any questions you may have! 

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