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    Mr. Steven Viatses

    Mr. Christopher McGovern




    Food Science, often referred to as molecular gastronomy, is the study of food properties within a scientific scope and the transformation of ingredients throughout the cooking process.  The Diman Food Science Class will provide students opportunities to engage in practical applications of scientific and culinary theory in a safe, controlled, and educational context. The class has been designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to molecular gastronomy over a 15-week period.  Each week will be comprised of a 30-minute classroom session and a 90-minute kitchen session during which certain molecular gastronomy topics, processes, and applications will be explored. The class will be open enrollment to all sophomore, junior and senior students who are able to commit to the entire program and are in good academic standing.  Class size will be limited to twenty (20) eligible students.

    Diman is in a unique position of being an educational institution with extraordinary resources and facilities.  The culinary arts shop already provides a state-of-the-art learning environment where molecular gastronomy can be explored in a technologically savvy manner.  Safety and process will be the main focus of the class as well as creativity and design. Students will be given opportunities to work individually, in pairs, and in small groups to become self-sufficient, but also gain invaluable team building skills.  Students will be engaged with hands-on opportunities, videos, demonstrations, and “create your own” activities. As a cumulative program, students will design and implement a final presentation demonstrating competency, both theoretical and practical, in a molecular gastronomic content area.  Student practical competencies will also be formatively checked at the beginning and end of the 15-week program to assess areas of student development while identifying areas needing improvement. The goal of the program is to continue with a sustainable and engaging extracurricular experience.  In a changing job market, which is increasingly demanding STEM-based skills of its workforce, we plan to provide comprehensive and integrative instruction that prepares students to think analytically, challenge conceptions, and apply theory to practice in a “yummy” context, while simultaneously bolstering the rigor of student-driven scientific exploration.

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