Genes in Space

  • Advisor: Mrs. O'Connell

    Students interested in space, plan and design DNA experiments for the international Space Station. Club meets Tuesday after school in B119. Activities include: discussions with scientists, possible field trip, hands-on experiments and unique personal research.


In the News

  • Diman junior earns job at Harvard

    Harvard Medical wants Dylan Barcelos, but not as a student (at least, not yet): he’s going to work with Harvard associates to be a researcher. The Diman junior will spend the summer working with The Harvard Medical/Dana Farber CURE Program, where he will be researching cancer and cancer treatments. (6/2/17)

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  • Update from Washington DC

    Three Diman juniors - Dylan Barcelos, Kylie Cooper, and Mason Frizado - were accompanied by science teachers Steve Vaitses and Maureen Cooney on a trip to Washington DC to advocate for science education through a partnership with Citizens for Space Exploration. (5/26/17)

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  • Diman students headed to D.C. to support funding for NASA’s education programs

    Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School juniors Dylan Barcelos, Kylie Cooper and Mason Frizado are heading to Washington, D.C., this week (May 23 to May 26) bringing a message about the importance of funding education. Maureen Cooney, a biology and forensics teacher, and Steve Vaitses, head of the Science Department and a chemistry and physics teacher, will accompany the students as they add their voices to Citizens for Space Exploration’s call for funding of NASA’s education programs. (5/24/17)

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