Student Government

  • Advisor: Mr. Santos

    One meeting after school per month TBD. Elections to be held in October. All are welcome to attend.

    There are three separate branches of student government at Diman. Each branch is a communications link with the State Board of Education, the Regional School Committee, the Administration, and the student body.

    Diman students are encouraged to take an active part in their student government.

    Student Advisory Council
    Diman has two separate seats on the Southeast Regional State Board of Education Student Advisory Council. The Delegate and Alternate are chosen by he body in a general election held in March of each Year.

    Student Advisory Committee
    The five members of the Student Advisory Committee are chosen by the student body in a general election held annually in March. The Student Advisory Chairperson is the direct representative of the Student Body to the Regional School Committee and the Superintendent-Director.

    Student Senate
    The Senate is comprised of 32 student representatives, two from each shop.