Non-Traditional Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Ramadan

    We strongly encourage students to consider shop choices that are non-traditional for their gender, such as males in Health Technologies and Dental Assisting, or females in HVAC or Automotive Technology.  There are many benefits including higher salary, job satisfaction and others.  Research shows that individuals who choose career paths based on their abilities and interests experience greater job satisfaction. It is important for men, as well as women, to choose careers that they find rewarding and interesting.

    Please view this presentation explaining why you should consider a non-traditional career.

    In the News

    Breaking stereotypes while breaking bread

    Changing gender stereotypes isn't easy, but Diman has been doing its part to provide opportunity for all students to pursue their dreams. Recently, Diman hosted a Non-Traditional Student Summit of 65 people from 6 different schools, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Jeff Perrotti - Director, Safe Schools Program for LGBT Students. (4/12/16)

    Non-Traditional Discussion

    Non-traditional students Kaycee Page and Matt Machado, as well as Non-Traditional Club Advisor David Graf, appeared on local-access cable in December of 2014 to discuss Diman and what it's like to study in a non-traditional appearance.