Boys Winter Track

  • Our 2018-2019 Team

    Name Gr.
    Davis, Aidan 9
    Boardman, Andrew 11
    Andrade, Ayden 10
    Cabral, Benjamin 9
    Parker, Brian 9
    Botelho, Camron 12
    Castro, Cesar 11
    Gonzalez-Frank, Christian 12
    Heroux, Colin 9
    Guerrouxo, Dylan 11
    Fuentes Perez, Edwin 11
    LaCroix, Elijah 11
    Martin, Erik 11       
    Marchand, Evan 9
    Blake, Frederick 11
    Cordeiro, Jack 11
    Pasternak, Jack 12
    Name Gr.
    Chouinard, Jacob 9
    Monte, Jacob 9
    Raposa, James 11
    Copp, Jason 12
    Raposa II, Jay 11
    Cordeiro, Jordan 10
    O'Connell, Kaden 9
    Begin, Landon 11
    Gosselin, Lane 11
    Mooney, Liam 10
    Francoeur, Lucas 11
    Belmore, Luke 10
    Azadnia, Matthew 11
    Pais, Robert 12
    Lobo, Sean 11
    Biffle, Tavaris 11
    Honeycutt, Travis 10
    Montanez, Zabdiel 9

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    Our 2017-2018 Team

    Coaches: Aaron Soares, Claudia Hawkes, Michael Berube





    Herald News All-Stars

    The Fall River Herald News named its 2017-2018 all-star list, and Diman's boys team had two entrants:

    JAVYIR STANLEY, Diman: One of the top sprinters in our area, the talented Bengal senior was a force in the 55 meters. He posted a season best 6.67 seconds to qualify for Division 3 South Championships as the No. 6 seed. He was also part of the Bengals’ strong relay team which posted a season best time of 1:37.19.

    EVAN VASCONCELLOS, Diman Regional: The Bengal senior chalked up points galore running middle distance. His best event was the 600 meters. Vasconcellos ran a 1:27.40 which landed him an impressive 12th seed at the Division 3 State Championships in Boston. He capped his second with a 14th place at D3 states. Vasconcellos was also part of Diman’s strong 4x200 relay team that posted a season best of 1:37.19. He is a Mayflower Athletic Conference all star.