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Degrees and Certifications:

BS Mechanical Engineering MA Education Licensed Principal 5-12 Licensed Assistant Principal 5-12 Licensed Chemistry Teacher 8-12 Licensed Physics Teacher 8-12

Mr. Vaitses

Diman Science Department Head

Mr. Vaitses career started as a sailor/engineer then 100 ton licensed Master of Sailing Yachts in his tean years until he Graduated Engineering from University of Rhode Island with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.  He spent 7 years desiging Nuclear Submarines leaving General Dynamics as a Senior Engineer / 30 Member Reactor Plant Design Build Team Lead for the latest US Fast Attack Submarines.  He worked in Information Technology program management, as 180 employee site manager, as a 600 emplyee deputy director, account executive for Pratt and Whitney's President of Military Engines working on the Joint Stike Fighter.  As an Executive he executed major large scale outsourcing contract bid and contract negociations with United Technologies before becoming a fortune 100 business development executive for Computer Science Corporation.  Next he left his traveling career to devote his time to his family and as executive director of a small sailing outreach non-profit and US Sailer Instrucor Trainer starting several other non profit programs and speaking at events across the US and serving on boards before starting a Public Charter High school with a principal and two other educators focused on project oriented education and presentations of learing as a science teacher and department head as the school grew.  After nearly 20 years in public education he has designed curriculum, classrooms and labs for an has taught courses in marine scinece, robotics, International business, college preparation, biology, chemistry, physics at all instructional levels for all grades of high school as well as co-teaching engineering MTEL preparation and assisting many other teacher education courses primarily through UMASS Dartmouth and the New Bedford Ocean Explorium.

Honors Physics First IHonors Physics First IIHonors Applied Physics IApplied Physics IIAdvanced Placement Physics

Molecular Gastronomy (After School Course)

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Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Section Code
    Stephen Vaitses AP Physics 2137-02 56cphxf
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Applied Physics I 2333-01 aehka2w
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Applied Physics I 2333-02 jw7ywhs
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Applied Physics II 2324-01 xjoie6q
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Applied Physics II 2324-02 ok6oeg4
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Physics First I 2331-01 zwcl2uz
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Physics First II 2332-01 3lai2o6
    Stephen Vaitses Honors Physics First II 2332-02 uhnav2v