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BS in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Michigan State University PhD in Biochemistry, University of Michigan Licensed Chemistry Teacher 8-12

Dr. Slotsky

Welcome to my Blackboard pages.  In the past, I used these pages for announcements, lecture notes, worksheets, study guides, and shoptime assignments.  Currently I am using Google Classroom for everything, but I am leaving up my pages for reference.  The left sidebar or the triple-line icon will show you a menu of my course pages including Honors Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry II, AP Chemistry, and Physics First I.  

My extra help day is Thursdays, after school in the Chemistry lab C104.  I plan to post Google Meet links in my Classroom pages so that students can join me remotely for extra help.  I am often around after school other days as well.


Google Classroom Codes

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    Morris Slutsky Chemistry I 2033-01 44f65v4
    Morris Slutsky Chemistry I 2033-02 bppcy2a
    Morris Slutsky Chemistry I 2033-03 3jtjcxc
    Morris Slutsky Chemistry I 2033-04 imxbk42
    Morris Slutsky Honors Chemistry II 2134-01 e26q2lq
    Morris Slutsky Honors Chemistry II 2134-02 l4ylysy
    Morris Slutsky Honors Chemistry II 2134-03 56zmxpe
    Morris Slutsky Honors Chemistry II 2134-04 7i6cugd

Science Department Achievements

  • Carbide Cannon Firing

    Posted by Morris Slutsky on 5/18/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Firing the Carbide Cannon
    A salute to the class of 2021!  Outdoor activity with Chemistry II and Honors Chemistry II.

    Cannon Firing

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  • Sublimation and deposition of iodine

    Posted by Morris Slutsky on 2/10/2021 3:00:00 PM

    Sublimation and Deposition of Iodine

    Iodine has been heated and vaporizes into a purple vapor.  The vapor then condenses on a 'cold finger' consisting of a test tube packed with an ice-salt mixture, and deposits as glittering black crystals.

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  • Separating a Mixture

    Posted by Morris Slutsky on 2/4/2021 3:00:00 PM

    distillation of red reaction mixture

    Examples of separating mixtures:  a reaction mixture (red) is being distilled to remove ethanol solvent, which condenses in the beaker to the right as a clear liquid.  You can also see thin-layer chromatography plates at lower center, showing reaction progress from samples taken.  Today we do our experiments on video, but someday students will be back in person.

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  • Rubrocurcumin - Trick of the Light

    Posted by Morris Slutsky on 1/13/2021 3:05:00 PM

    Rubrocurcumin in a round-bottom flask.

    A sample of the compound 'rubrocurcumin', synthesized from boric acid, curcumin tumeric extract, and oxalic acid in boiling acetone as an Honors Chemistry II activity.  I was interested in the color:  some references claimed it was red, while others claimed it was green.  It turns out it's both!  Depends on the angle of the light!  It transmits red light and reflects green light.


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