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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene Masters of Education in Administration Certified Dental Assistant Registered Dental Hygienist CPR certified Teacher Extra help days: Tuesday or any day arranged with me. A week Seniors: Shop Class code # 8294-01, google code # cvitaqd Related course code # 9294-01, google code # tq2xsae Senior B week: Shop class code 8294-02, google code # sznt3qq Related class code 9294-02, google code # fsra37z

Ms. Linda Pettine

At Diman Ms. Pettine currently teaches:

Dental Assisting, Seniors

Ms. Pettine is also the Department Head for the Dental Assisting Program

Ms. Pettine is also Co-Advisor for Diman's Ski Club

Google phone: 774 294-0533

Google Classroom Codes

  • Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-01 cvitaqd
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-01 cvitaqd
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-02 sznt3qq
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-01 tq2xsae
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-02 fsra37z
    Last updated - 9/23/21

  • course # 8294-01, google code: cvitaqd

    course # 9294-01. google code: tq2xsae

    course # 8294-02. google code: sznt3qq

    course # 9294-02, google code: fsra37z

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