Recognition for committee members past and present

  • Awards presented by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees

    • Mary Harrington - MASC's 1981 Life Membership Award
    • Edward Hill -MASC's 2004 All State Team
    • Thomas McGarr - MASC's 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Mr. Gabriel Andrade MASC's 2001 All State Team
    • Ernest Wheeler - 2004 MASC Life Membership Award, 1999 MASC's Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Leo Bernier - MASC'S 2000 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Robert Berube - MASC's 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Russ Harmon - MASC's 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Antonio Gracia - MASC's 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Charles Latham - MASC's 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Ray Mitchell - MASC's 2003 Lifetime Achievement

    Honorary Diman Diploma Recipients

    At the 2001 Diman graduation exercises, the following former school committee members were honored – Ernest Wheeler, Leo Bernier, Russ Harmon, Antonio Gracia and Charles Latham. These five individuals are the only Diman School Committee members who have served 10 or more years on the committee. Thomas McGarr, former school committee member and retired Superintendent, received an honorary diploma before the 2002 graduation exercises. (The only other individuals to ever receive an Honorary Diman Diploma were Stanley Remiesicez and John Harrington in 2000, two retired Diman administrators.)

    Other Honors for former school committee member

    In May 2000, the current school committee members honored all past school committee members that served Diman since the school charter was signed in 1963. A plaque listing all former members is located in the school's main office.

    The Diman Hall of Fame has inducted Ernest Wheeler (1999), Russ Harmon (2002) and the entire school committee group from 1963-72 (2001). See Hall of Fame site for details.


    In 1999 the Swansea Friends of Diman started a scholarship in honor of the three former Swansea Representatives to the Diman School Committee. The Ernest Wheeler (1963-81). Leo Bernier (1981-91) and Robert Berube (1991-99) Scholarship is presented to a Swansea graduate of Diman.