Information and Updates - 5/2/23

  • May 2, 2023

    Seniors with End of Year Grades Below 65

    • Seniors with end of the year grades below 65 in courses necessary for graduation will be expected to return to school starting on May 30th.  These students will attend the classes that they need for graduation each day until they are passing the course for the year or until the school year ends.

    • Seniors attending courses as of May 30th will report to the Main Office for attendance purposes five minutes prior to the start of their class.  They will then report directly to their class with a pass in hand.  Once in class, they will work directly with their teacher on course assignments.  Seniors will report to the Main Office as soon as this class ends.

    • Seniors without transportation will be allowed to continue to take the bus to and from school.  These students must be in shop uniform.  They will report to their vocational program for attendance purposes.  They will remain in the shop until they need to attend the class that they are failing, at which point they will leave the shop with a pass in order to attend the failing class with the respective teacher.  The senior student is expected to return to shop with a pass in hand.

    • Seniors who remain in a failing position once the school year ends will need to attend summer school. 

    • Please speak with your department members and solicit ideas to further improve this plan.  Send whole department ideas directly to me.


    Graduation Form

    • All senior students will be required to complete their Graduation Form in ELA class.

    • This form was emailed to students by Mr. Rebello.  It can be accessed using their Diman email accounts.

    • Students must complete this form in ELA class during the weeks of May 15th and May 22nd.


    Materials Google Sheet

    • All teachers were provided with a Materials Google Form at the start of the school year.  This central form has been utilized to track all Diman materials assigned to students during the school year. 

    • Senior educators will need to update their Materials Google Form by May 26th.  Material forms not updated by May 26th will not be eligible for billing.  

    • Departments with incomplete Materials Google Forms may not be reimbursed for all lost materials.


    Chromebook Return

    • Senior students will be returning Chromebooks in the library on May 18, 19, 25, and 26 during ELA class.  Teachers should expect to spend 15-20 minutes in the library for each Chromebook return session. 

    • Ms. Schoenherr will be developing a Chromebook return schedule for ELA classes.  She will reach out to teachers prior to May 18th with their respective schedules.