Diman Poetry Contest 2023

  • Calling all poets! Diman is holding a poetry celebration & contest for National Poetry Month - April.

    Students are encouraged to visit the library or their English teacher to talk about the contest. 

    SOME types of poetry you might consider…

    • Free-form - However long you want, in whatever form you want.
    • Blackout - See Mr. Byrnes for black markers and books to tear pages out of (or print a page yourself and blackout that).
    • Book Spine Poetry - Make a poem out of the titles of books. See Mr. Byrnes for a camera to take a photo with.
    • Six-word - Just make a poem out of six words. Simple, but challenging … most of the poem exists off the page, in the mind of the reader.
    • Haiku - three lines of poetry, with the first line having 5 syllables, the second having 7 syllables, the third having 5 syllables. 

    We're still considering a celebration at the end of the month, so feedback is welcome. 

    Submitting your poem

    Either submit it directly to Mr. Byrnes or Mrs. Beaudoin, or fill out this form to submit your poem.