• School year 2022-23 is turning out awesome! Check out these great student pieces they've been designing so far this year!


    Pointillism Pyramids

    For our first project of the year, students were introduced to the pointillism movement, aka stipple art! Using only pen, our student artists practiced shading and light sources on pyramid shapes. 3 dimensional artwork unfolding with just dots!

    stipple pyramids stipple pyramids 2


    Scratch Art Vases & Pumpkins

    For this project, students studied an ancient art form of orange on black pottery, then used these ideas to create their own version in scratch art! Can you believe this was done with just orange crayons and black oil pastels?!

    Group work

    Orange on Black Vase













    Pumpkin Scratch Art! scratch art vases scratch pumpkins


    Cross-hatch Dimensional Shapes

    Moving right along in the year, our third project involved cross-hatching shapes to create a 3-dimensional effect. Students used pencil on cubes and spheres with nothing more than crossing lines. Take a look at the creative and beautiful outcomes!

    cross hatch 1 cross hatch 2


    Meditative Mandalas

    Practicing a technique used all over the world for meditative and relaxation purposes, students designed and colored their own personal mandalas. What a stress-free way to unwind at the end of the school days!

    mandala 1 mandala 2 mandala 3

    mandala 4 mandala 4 mandala 5


    Zentangle™ Cubes

    Students were introduced to the fun and meditative art form known as Zentangles™! Literally creating a "tangle" of lines within a 3.5" square, this technique is perfect for understanding use of line, pattern, symmetry, and relaxation!

    Zentangles zentangles zentangles

    zentangles zentangle board


    Drip Drawings - Inspired by the work of Jen Stark

    Introducing one of our two mural pieces for the 2022-23 school year - a colorful and collaborative one! Inspired by the modern art of painter and papercrafter Jen Stark, these drip drawings are created using nothing more than white paper, sharpies, and colorful markers! Once assembled, student drawings will be arranged and mounted on one of our main school walls for all to enjoy!

    drip drawing drip drawing

    drip drawing drip drawing

    drip art


    Paper Bag Fan Fun

    For the first project of 2023, what better way to usher in the new year than with some decorations? Students used recycled paper bags, colored pencils, markers, paint, and any other coloring material they could find to design fun and whimsical paper fans. And why not finish snacking on our holiday candy while we're at it  :)

    bag 1  star  bag 2


    The Art of Wassily Kandinsky - "Circles in a Circle"

    Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you...circles! Inspired by the work of a man who could "hear colours" and "see sounds", these concentric, colorful pieces mimic Kandinsky's love of color and harmony. Students used mixed-media paper and paint markers to recreate a four-panel artwork. How hypnotising!

    Concentric Circles Colour Circles Final Circles


    Mosaics: The Easy Way

    Everyone loves Legos™ and the Art Club students are no exception! This project had students creating Lego mosaics based on stylized tile mosaics found all across the world. Which one is your favorite? I love them all!

    1 2 3

    4 5 6

    7 8 9

    10 11


    Cubism: The Art of Pablo Picasso

    Students practiced their abstract art skills, taking their inspiration from Pablo Picasso. For this project, they used both chalk and oil pastels on black mixed media paper to design a Cubist portrait. Look at those colors glow!

    1 2 3 4 5 6

    7 8 9 10 11

    12 13 14

    15 16