• Hi, everyone!

    My name is Dakota Valente and I am a senior here at Diman in Business Technology.

    Today I’d like to tell you about Closegap, a new program we will be using at Diman.  Closegap is a quick way you can check in with yourself every morning.  Everyone knows that life can be a struggle sometimes in high school, especially since the pandemic, so this is an easy way to make sure you are doing okay.

    So how does it work?  You will be getting an email soon saying that you have been registered with Closegap, so just follow the directions to make a password and get started.  After that, every day while you are in first period during academics, there will be a reminder during announcements to check in with Closegap.  That’s your cue to go to the student homepage on your Chromebook and click on the new icon that will say Closegap. 

    The program will ask some simple questions about how you are doing today.  If you’re doing great, it’s a quick check-in.  If you’re having a tough day, it may ask you a few extra questions to see where you are at.  If it seems like you could really use someone to talk to, your counselor may reach out to you to check in further.

    It’s that easy.  We had a great group of students here at Diman test the program out last year, and overall they thought it could be really useful for all of us, so all freshmen and seniors will be trying out Closegap this year.

    And don’t forget, if you’re ever worried about a friend or classmate here, tell a trusted adult.  Our mental health is important, and we all look out for each other here at Diman.

    Thanks for listening!