Fall River Police Department Autism & Special Needs Child I.D. Program

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    The FRPD is offering parents and guardians the option of providing law enforcement information about your child/dependent for the purposes of safety, identification, and medical treatment.

    This information is completely voluntary and would allow first responders access to specific information about your child/dependent as follows:

    • Method of communication (verbal or non-verbal)
    • Any identification worn
    • Sensory / Medical / Dietary issues
    • Inclination for wandering and attractions
    • Likes, dislikes, and methods of approach when encountering
    • Medical care providers info.
    • Physical description
    • Recent photograph of child/dependent
    • Emergency contact information

    This program will allow responding officers to have access to specific information about your child/dependent, which will allow for an overall improved and tailored response by law enforcement for your child/dependent if the need arises.

    • Please fill out the Fall River Police Department Autism & Special Needs Emergency Information Form.
    • As parent or guardian, please sign the form.
    • Bring the form and a high-resolution photo of your child/dependent to the Fall River Police Dept., located at 685 Pleasant Street.
    • Provide all documents to the front window officer.

    All information will be entered into the FRPD database. This information will be available to all FRPD Officers. Consider updating your child/dependent’s photograph every 6 months.