Peer Tutoring

  • The Diman Peer Tutoring Program is designed for students to help their peers in academic and vocational classes.  This voluntary program has assisted countless students in achieving academic and vocational success.  Please see further information below on how to receiving tutoring services or volunteer as a Peer Tutor.


    Thanks to some phenomenal student volunteers, we have peer tutors that are ready to help you. If you are struggling in a class and feel that you can connect with one of your classmates to bring that grade up, CLICK HERE to sign up!

    Volunteer Tutors

    One of the greatest opportunities in your high school career and beyond is to help your peers.  Being a peer tutor gives you an opportunity to help your classmates achieve success.  All grades are welcome to participate in helping in both academics and shop.  CLICK HERE to receive more information about becoming a tutor.

    For more information, please contact Mr. Cain at