You will need the following documents:

    Employer Application

    • Students are at their co-op job for 2 weeks at a time during the month
    • Employers must provide 30 hours or MORE each week for the co-op student. Thus, week 1 = 30 hours or more, same for week 2
    • Job must be related to the vocational program (i.e. Health Assisting student works in Medical Records)
    • Students are paid employees of their co-op company.
    • Must be covered by YOUR worker’s comp policy.


    2023-2024 Master Calendar

    • PLEASE NOTE: This calendar will list students in their respective ACADEMIC CYCLE, NOT CO-OP Cycle. Thus, if the calendar reads "A week" for that week, it will be "B weeks" for their co-op cycle.  
    • Students are designated “A” and “B” week students.
    • This calendar allows the employer to navigate the school year and which student is with them.

    MA CORI 


    • Must be filled out by the direct supervisor with a copy of THEIR driver’s license to be processed.
    • We DO NOT require all employees to fill out a CORI
    • Processing of the CORI DOES NOT hold back the process of bringing the student on board.
    • The supervisor(s) will fill out the appropriate CORI Form

    Massachusetts & Federal Child Labor Laws:

    Co-Op Child Labor Laws


    Employer Evaluation

    • Once a semester, I will email you an evaluation for each student that you have at your facility for their grade
    • Typically they come in January and mid-May.
    • Below is the rubric. However, the evaluation will be issued via a Google Form

     Student Evaluation Rubric