Summer Assignments - 2021

  • Note: We are still working on this for the 2021 school year (6/17/21). 

    Below are the 2021 summer assignments for English language arts and other subjects.

    Diman Discount: Barnes & Noble next to the Dartmouth Mall (map) will offer Diman students 10% off either of the summer reading books. Just go to the store and tell the clerk that you're from Diman.

    English Language Arts

    Summer Reading Support

    Google Classrooms have been created as supports for our ELA summer reading novels. All students are invited and encouraged to join these Classrooms, as they provide additional resources, documents, author interviews and vocabulary to aid in the deeper understanding of these novels.

    Audio podcasts are also available in these Classrooms, so students may read along with Mrs. Beaudoin (Trevor Noah: Born a Crime) and Ms. Maynard (All American Boys).

    For those students needing modified assignments, you will also find them attached within these Classrooms. Please contact ELA department head Mrs. Trish Beaudoin with any questions, or Ms. Amy Biddle, our Special Education liaison for the summer reading assignment.

    If students have any questions regarding the summer reading, they are encouraged to post them in the Classroom, as great discussions can ensue! Also, this is the easiest way to communicate with the summer reading teachers, as we do not check our emails everyday.

    Please note: each grade level has its own specific Google Classroom code. Please make sure you join the correct Classroom for your grade. For incoming freshmen, there is a special code as students do not have Diman log-in information at this time.

    Non-ELA AP Classes

    • More coming soon
    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus - Google Classroom yw4qvdv
    • AP Computer Science A - Google Classroom x7xlzfs
    • AP Computer Science Principles - Google Classroom nfbl22x
    • AP Statistics - Google Classroom 6whcl2g
    • AP US Government and Politics