Summer Assignments - 2022

  • Note: We are still working on this for the 2022 school year (last updated on 6/21/22). 

    Below are the 2022 summer assignments for English language arts and other subjects.

    English Language Arts

    Summer Reading Support: Google Classrooms!

    Google Classrooms have been created as supports for some of our ELA summer reading novels. All students that picked those books are invited and encouraged to join these classrooms, as they provide additional resources, documents, author interviews, and vocabulary to aid in the deeper understanding of these novels.

    Audio podcasts are also available in these Classrooms, so students may read along with the teacher. Please use the following codes to join these Google Classrooms:

    • Trevor Noah: Born a Crime (Mrs. Beaudoin) - grfrba5  *incoming freshmen only* - if having trouble, use alternate code: jggr2gh
    • Asylum (Mrs. Beaudoin) - tjmdlut
    • Klara and the Sun (Mrs. Biddle) - ezhlh5p
    • Long Way Down (Mr. Byrnes) - vwlml6v
    • Revenge of the Whale and In the Heart of the Sea (Mrs. Fiola-Tavares) - nr4ta3h

    For those students needing modified assignments, you will also find them within these Classrooms. Please contact ELA department head Mrs. Trish Beaudoin with any questions.

    If students have any questions regarding the summer reading, they are encouraged to post them in the Classrooms. Also, this is the easiest way to communicate with the summer reading teachers, as we do not check our emails every day.

    There will also be live Google Meets available once a week in each Classroom, beginning July 6th, for any students who would like to join. This is a great opportunity for students to get on-the-spot answers to questions or any help they need regarding the novels. Make sure to check the Google Classrooms for specific dates, times, and other important information regarding these Meets.

    • Grade 9 honors
    • Grade 10 honors - Students taking ELA 10 Honors should complete the standard Summer Reading Assignment.  Upon return to school, the assessment for ELA 10 Honors will include a writing component in addition to the Accelerated Reader Reading Practice Quiz.
    • Grade 11 honors
    • Grade 12 honors
    • AP Literature
    • AP Language and Composition 
    • All other students grades 10-12: Summer Reading Challenge
      • Download the details here
      • All students moving into grades 10-12 will be allowed, with certain restrictions, to choose a novel to read this summer! In the fall, when you take your test, all students in each grade level will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad Air. However, don’t be fooled, we’re not making it that easy! There are certain rules and parameters in place to ensure that all students have a fair shot. Please see below:

        1. Students may choose any novel they wish to read over the summer, with certain exceptions:

        1. Your book CANNOT have been made into a movie, television, or other media series - i.e. no Twilight, Harry Potter, Thirteen Reasons Why, etc.

        2. Your book MUST have a reading practice quiz available in Accelerated Reader - your ELA teachers will help with this. Use the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder at to check for your book.

        3. The book should have an interest level of “UG” in Accelerated Reader - if you are unsure, your ELA teacher can help you find out.

        4. It is highly encouraged that you take handwritten notes on your book while you are reading.

    In-Class Assessment

    Be prepared for an in-class assessment during your first academic cycle. You may use the optional notes on the assessment as long as they are in your own handwriting and are in your own words. This assessment will be included as an assignment in your first semester grade. Please be aware, failure to complete the assignment may have a negative impact on your first semester.

    What’s the Challenge part of this assignment?

    Based on the grade you receive on the test, you will receive a certain number of raffle tickets:

    65-79 = 1 raffle ticket
    80-89 = 2 raffle tickets
    90-100 = 3 raffle tickets

    In the middle of October we will raffle off an iPad Air to one lucky student in each grade!

    As a bonus, if you select one of our “Staff Picks” to read, you will receive an extra raffle ticket automatically. Please see the next few pages for our list of “Staff Picks”, chosen by teachers across the school as great reads! Four of these novels will have additional resources, including “read alouds”, available in special Google Classrooms over the summer. Stay tuned for which ones!

    **Parental Advisory: the staff pick, Exit West, contains mature content and themes, including references to sex and drug use. Recommended for upper grade levels.


    Non-ELA Honors Classes

    • Physics - In collaboration with the ELA department, the science department has assigned and is distributing Revenge of the Whale by Nathanial Philbrick to all Honors Physics I enrolled Freshmen moving to Sophomore year, Honors Physics II and all Honors Physics I Juniors moving to Senior year, Honors Physics II.

    Non-ELA AP Classes

    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus - Google Classroom qrbadkg
    • AP Statistics - Google Classroom alshhtz
      • Complete all modules listed in Google Classroom
    • AP Physics - Google Classroom oljxshx
    • AP US Government and Politics - Google Classroom vlj6o7w



    Diman Regional expects all students to conform to the standards of academic integrity established herein by the school district. Academic dishonesty – including plagiarism, cheating or copying the work of another, using technology (computers, mobile devices, applications, services, etc.) for illicit purposes, or any unauthorized communication between students for the purpose of gaining advantage during an examination – is strictly prohibited.

    Academic dishonesty can be defined as representing someone else's work as your own. It can take many forms, including plagiarism, sharing another's work, purchasing a term paper or test questions in advance, paying another to do the work for you, accessing someone else's academic work, etcetera.