State Guidance - 3/17/21

  • Yesterday’s announcement from Governor Baker and the subsequent Department of Education FAQ (below) has prompted a review of Diman practices regarding outdoor masks, sharing of objects in the classroom and shop, and the cleaning of spaces and surfaces. After consultation with medical professionals and review with school based leadership, the following practices will be in place regarding the aforementioned subjects.
    Do students have to wear masks while outdoors?
    Students will no longer need to wear masks outdoors for physical education classes, outdoor learning (academic and vocational), or spring sports. We do ask students to continue to wear masks upon arrival and dismissal from school while on campus. Masks are still required indoors for adults and students.
    Spring Sports Spectator Protocol
    Spectators will no longer need to wear a mask if distancing can be maintained. If appropriate distancing cannot be maintained between spectators from different households, a mask must be worn.
    Are students allowed to share objects (classroom or vocational materials?)
    Yes. Diman students will no longer have to avoid sharing objects. This includes classroom materials, vocational equipment, or items for physical education. Shared objects no longer have to be cleaned or disinfected between use and should follow the updated cleaning guidance outlined below.
    How frequently do schools have to clean spaces or surfaces?
    Because Fall River is still considered an area of high transmission of COVID-19, we will maintain the cleaning of spaces/desks between classes, lunches and high touch areas throughout the day. Based on the recommendations of medical professionals and the guidelines set forth by DESE (“If schools are located in an area of high transmission of COVID-19, then they may consider cleaning more frequently”), we will maintain this practice until our area is out of the high transmission designation.