Spring 2021 Return to Diman Plan Student FAQ

    1. What time can students arrive at Diman in the morning?
      Students should not arrive at Diman before 7:25 a.m. In order to promote social distancing and safety, students will not be allowed to enter Diman before 7:25 a.m.

    2. Will student bus routes change this year?
      Yes- Bus routes will change. Current bus routes will be posted on the Diman website under the Reopening 2020-21 tab. They will also be emailed to all parents and students.

    3. Will students be allowed to eat breakfast at Diman?
      Yes- Students wishing to eat breakfast before class should report to one of the following locations: (1) cafeteria- if arriving by bus, or (2) auditorium- all student drivers, walkers, and parent drop off.

    4. Will students be allowed to use lockers?
      No- In order to help everyone stay safe and socially distanced, students will not be allowed to use lockers this year. Students will need to carry belongings with them to each class.

    5. Will students be required to use agendas as hall passes?
      No- Diman will only allow students to use paper passes for hallway pass purposes. Plastic reusable passes and agendas will not be allowed.

    6. Can students exchange books at school libraries?
      Yes- Students will be allowed to take out books from the library this year. Students should wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after checking out books.

    7. Are masks part of the 2021 Diman dress code?
      Yes- All Diman students must wear masks during the entire school day. All Diman students are expected to wear plain colored masks. Mask patterns and/or vented masks will not be allowed.

    8. Will students be allowed mask breaks?
      No- Outside of the assigned student lunch time or teacher directed, shop approved break, mask breaks will not be allowed in any classes.

    9. Will academic classes still end after 45 minutes?
      Yes- Academic classes will last 45 minutes. Students will be expected to clean and sanitize desks immediately following the end of class. Students will be dismissed by the school intercom announcement.

    10. What will the hallway traffic pattern look like during period transition?
      In order to control hallway traffic, strict adherence of the one-way directional must be followed. Students should follow the signage posted in Diman halls. Additionally, maps are posted on the Diman website.

    11. Where will students eat lunch?
      Students will eat lunch in one of three locations: (1) the gymnasium, (2) the cafeteria, or (3) the auditorium. The current lunch schedule is posted on the Diman website.

    12. What will dismissal look like for students?
      Students will be dismissed over the school intercom in the following manner: (1) first- by bus; (2) secondstudent drivers; (3) third- all remaining students. Students may not leave the classroom until dismissed.