Remote Learning Plan for Parents, Student, and Teachers

    1. Course Syllabi
      Diman teachers will share course syllabi with students during the first week of school.  Students and parents should review all practices, grading expectations, extra help days, etc. within each course syllabus.  Course questions should be emailed directly to course teachers. 
    2. Diman Email Address
      All Diman students have been issued a Diman email address.  Students must use this email address when accessing all Diman courses.  Students attempting to use an outside email address will be marked absent from class.
    3. Attendance Policy
      Attendance will be mandatory for all academic classes and will be taken at the start of all virtual and in person academic courses.  Credit recovery and/or attendance failures will be assigned as needed.  Tardiness to class will be recorded and disciplined appropriately. 
    4. Student Discipline
      Students in academic classes must follow all rules and regulations as set forth in the Diman Student Handbook.  Students in violation of these rules and regulations will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to in person after school detention, in person Saturday school sessions, etc.
    5. Dress Code
      Students must follow the Diman dress code during all online and in person class meetings. 
    6. Shop Assignments
      Shop time assignments will be mandatory for all academic classes ranked at 5.0 credits or above.  Shop assignments will be assigned at the end of each academic cycle and will be due at the start of the following academic cycle.
    7. Homework
      All course due dates will be assigned by course teachers.  Students submitting late work may face point deductions.
    8. Teacher Extra Help Days
      All academic teachers will host one extra help day per week.  These days will be posted within course syllabi.  Extra help will occur via Google Meet from 2:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.
    9. Mandatory Remediation
      Students earning less than a 70 in an academic class will receive mandatory remediation.  As part of this remediation plan, students will be expected to attend teachers’ weekly extra help days.  This requirement will occur when the student is both in academics and shop.  Mandatory remediation will be assigned following each mid-semester reporting session.
    10. Use of Recorders for Class
      No student will be allowed to record class sessions.  Students caught recording class sessions will be subject to disciplinary action.