Diman RVTHS Back to School Planning FAQ

  • Updated: 7/27/20

    Please understand that this document serves as an update on the district’s progress toward reopening this school year. Once we finalize our reopening plan, we will update our stakeholders, answer all questions and update this FAQ document. We have not wavered from our commitment to be transparent with our community every step of the way and ensuring the utmost safety for our students and educators.

    Where does Diman currently stand with its reopening plan?

    Every district in Massachusetts is required to submit three plans to the state by July 31: one for bringing all students back full time, one for doing a hybrid (part at home, part in school) model, and one for fully remote (at home), plus additional planning for students who are the highest need. The Reopening Task Force comprised of teachers, parents, and community members have met several times to develop each plan. We will share which reopening plan we will use by August 10.

    What do those plans look like?

    Each plan is based off the Department of Education’s guidance on safe school reopenings. The full in-person model details what it would take to bring all students back in the building including additional buses, trailer classrooms, etc. Our hybrid model focuses on cohorts of students being in the building while others learn remotely and then switch. Our remote model details a plan if all students need to stay home and learn remotely. We are using our survey data to guide our work.

    Are there health and safety protocols in place for this school year?

    Yes! Please click here to find detailed responses to COVID-19 health and safety issues that may arise this school year. For further FAQ about the health and safety initiatives Diman will be taking this school year, click here.

    What are medical professionals saying about the return?

    DESE is working with medical experts to support schools. Here is a video about reopening safely that was released.

    I do not want my child to go back into buildings. Can I keep them home?

    Yes, every district in Massachusetts is required to provide a fully remote option for families who wish to have their child home. This affects vocational schools differently. Vocational certifications and apprenticeship hours may be affected.

    Are there any development opportunities or support for my child/me?

    Diman is committed to supporting the needs of every student, parent and teacher in this community. We are currently developing surveys for students, parents, and teachers to inquire about specific needs. We are developing learning opportunities to enhance student and parent engagement, professional development for our staff, and implementing initiatives this summer to mitigate learning loss. We will continue to be here every step of the way with you.

    What can I do to help?

    Each student and parent has been emailed a Transportation Request Form. We are asking every family to complete this form. Based on the Department of Education’s transportation guidance, this information will be pivotal in how many students we can bring into the school at one time.

    Andrew D. Rebello
    Assistant Superintendent-Principal