Freshman Health Assisting Exploratory Students are expected to be in class at 7:45 am each day being prepared and ready to work.

    This includes:

    - having a pen/pencil to write with

    - your school issued chromebook (charged)

    - personal earbuds

    - Safety glasses (handed out at the beginning of exploratory)  

    - homework on the students'desks

    - hair that is restrained and out of the students' eyes 

    - clear nails

    - having your locker code

    Other EXPLORATORY shop rules:

    • No chewing gum
    • No electronic/smart devices e.g. phone, smart watches, IPAD's etc.  (Diman issued chromebooks ARE allowed).
    • WEARING NO JEWELRY including no dangling chains around neck, no dangling earrings, no bracelets, no rings, however, one small, plain stud earring is allowed in each ear.  FACIAL PIERCINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR STUDENTS PLACED IN THE HEALTH ASSISTING SHOP.
    • Clean nails.  Wearing nail polish and artificial nails are NOT allowed.
    • Restraining long hair and bangs If the hair is long, it must be secured tightly and pinned up off the collar at all times in shop. There should be NO stray, loose hair hanging onto the face
    • demonstrating adherence to the shop exploratory dress code, including but not limited to the following:           
      • Good personal hygiene is, students must present a neat and clean appearance and are expected to be free from body odor, tobacco, and other strong scents. 
      • Wearing the required exploratory t-shirt and work pants or jeans.  Wearing pants that BELT AT THE WAIST and reveal no body parts or underwear when stooping or bending
      • Wearing appropriate and safe, non-skid shoes that tie onto the foot, such as sneakers.  STUDENTS PLACED IN THE HEALTH ASSISTING SHOP AFTER EXPLORATORY MUST WEAR ALL-LEATHER VINYL SHOES/SNEAKERS.




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