Remote Learning Roles & Guidance

  • 1. Students:

    1. Dedicate appropriate time for learning and check the online platforms for information on classes, assignments, and resources daily.
    2. Establish routines: Identify a comfortable and quiet space to learn and study.
    3. Submit all assignments by due dates established by your teacher(s).
    4. Contact their teacher, counselor, or administrator if they have any questions or concerns. If students feel overwhelmed at any time, please reach out to the teacher or counselor. Teachers will be flexible during this time and will work with students.

    2. Teachers & Counselors:

    1. Develop high quality distance learning lessons/assignments for students that address course standards while balancing online learning, volume of work assigned, and student/teacher interaction.
    2. Teachers will utilize online platforms, including email, to provide students with connectivity to their instructors.
    3. Use ESL strategies for English Language Learners (ELL) and provide appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities (IEP) and students with Section 504 plans. Diman teachers will provide disability-related modifications and services to the best of their ability. IEP meetings will continue to be held.
    4. Establish daily “office hours” Monday - Friday that include, but are not limited to, communicating with and providing feedback to students or answering student questions via digital platform or email. Teachers should post that schedule to their students/families. Teachers will communicate via digital platform, email or phone call with parents and students as needed.
    5. Grade assignments and provide feedback to students as needed. Teachers will enter grades into ASPEN every two weeks.

    3. Families:

    1. Assure that a mobile device and internet access are available at home; contact your child’s guidance counselor or the school if there is a need for a mobile device and/or internet access for at-home use.
    2. Monitor District communications for up-to-date information regarding school closures, instructional continuation plans, and distance learning resources. Visit the COVID-19 page on the Diman website for webinars, resources and up-to-date information on distance learning.
    3. Engage your children in conversations regarding assignments and check ASPEN for updated grades.
    4. Maintain communication with your children’s teachers and school counselor(s).
    5. Support your children’s emotional balance by providing time for physical activity and play.

    What about grading?

    The Department of Education gave all Massachusetts schools guidance on how they should be grading during this time. They stated that all assignments should be pass/fail or credit/no credit. Their reasoning surrounds equity issues for families, how some students may not have the same the supports or access as others. Many of our area high schools have moved to this model. Some schools are giving packets of work that are just a review of prior learning earlier in the year and not grading it. Others are attempting to give new material but only grading the work pass/fail, which means a student who goes above and beyond would get the same grade as a student who did minimal work.

    Again, this is all in response to the states directive. I believe Diman always tries to bring the best out of all of our students. If we changed to a pass/fail, kids would not be held to a high standard, something we strive for. As an administration, we of course need to adhere to the state directive, but believe students should be graded as close to possible to what they earn while still tying in equity. We created a grading rubric on our 4.0 scale. 4.0 = a 95: A.

    An "A" or 95 is still a 4.0, highest you can achieve. All teachers have the directive to grade assignments based on the rubric below:

    • submission meets all requirements and has no errors: 95 – A
    • submission meets most requirements and has minimal errors: 85 – B
    • submission meets some requirements but has several errors: 75 – C
    • submission meets few requirements and has numerous errors: 65 – D
    • submission does not meet the requirements: 50 – F
    • no submission: 0 – F 


    • A remote learning tutoring program will be initiated within the next few weeks. We have 23 student tutors who will be available to help their peers.

    What about the last day of school?

    • The last day of school will be June 19.