Work Permit

  • This section is dedicated to students who are looking to secure a work permit for a part-time job that they have secured. This page is intended for all non-related co-op job placements. All students looking to secure a work permit must first be hired by their respective employers. Upon securing your part-time job, you will need to access the link below and follow the appropriate steps to fill out the application prior to submitting for an official work permit. Please note, for every individual job that you secure you must obtain a separate work permit. 

    • All work permit applications will need to be submitted and signed by the student, employer, parent, and physician (students under 16 will be required to do so by law) prior to submitting the application. 
    • Students MUST be present to sign their respective work permit
    • Please allow for at least 48 hours for completion of the permit

    Work Permit Application - Non-Cooperative Education --- Please Print