Vocational Teacher Google Classroom Pages

  • Auto Collision

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 8002-02 awdpsfn
    Auto Collision Brian Moura 8004-01 trwkbqd
    Auto Collision Brian Moura 8004-02 zsqjbn4
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9002-01 dxcwrtl
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9002-02 23xsdbf
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9003-01 csltjzz
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9003-02 lwqmuxq
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9004-01 amx6rsz
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 9004-02 emiqvab
    Auto Collision Shawn Smith 8003-01(A week) dp3jir29
    Auto Collision Shawn Smith 8003-02 (B week) xvgdh43
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Auto Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Auto Technology Steven Moniz 9022-01 55jovc6
    Auto Technology Steven Moniz 9022-02 exdojod
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Building & Property Maintenance

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9532-01 swkpxjk
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9532-02 54kx5gb
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9533-01 ac4csze
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9533-02 muuasth
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9534-01 ltv3piw
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9534-02 bwdvynl
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Business Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Business Technology Andrea Case 8552-01 drin7ju
    Business Technology Andrea Case 8552-02 65bohxf
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo 8553-01 qadpg7h
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo 8553-02 svagsls
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo 9553-01 qadpg7h
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo 9553-02 svagsls
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-01 6uhhejd
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-01 Seniors on Co-op p4v7eo2
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-02 wu6a4ud
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-02 Seniors on Co-op v6dy57m
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 9554-01 6uhhejd
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 9554-02 wu6a4ud
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Career Readiness

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-01 y6bkyxv
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-01 y6bkyxv
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-02 4a7vzrv
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-04 yjmivhm
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-05 amt74ov
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-05 amt74ov
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-06 zomhavz
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-08 q5yykzr
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-09 cq4vazh
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-09 cq4vazh
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-10 7uiclya
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-11 dgzroka
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-12 ymiords
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-13 srbiioe
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-14 afth3be
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-15 dz6gfo4
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-16 2unlunx
    Last updated - 10/13/22


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9102-01 nst5xm7
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking matt almeida 9102-02 vv5m6eh
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt almeida 9103-01 4isj5mi
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt almeida 9103-02 tw5k5pe
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9104-01 bdr5iin
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9104-02 o4yrvqa
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Emanuel Botelho 8103-01 Cnsd2ak
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Emanuel Botelho 8103-02 Sjrhx3w
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-01 A week e5xyq5x
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-02 B week myby7sp
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Ronald Silvia 80005-09 2orvwde
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Donald Travers 8102-01 ws3cygg
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Donald Travers 8102-02 y4ugag2
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Culinary Arts

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9042-01 pjfyn7u
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9042-02 cc6cxhr
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9043-01 rwatkdr
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9043-02 skkuyfe
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9044-01 3ziwnqb
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 9044-02 ymoue3u
    Culinary Arts Kevin Ouellette 0000-00 cafeteria vjxqy52
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Dental Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Dental Assisting Michelle Bernier 9292-01 njttdbe
    Dental Assisting Michelle Bernier 9292-02 l3bkdty
    Dental Assisting Karen Cirillo 8294-01 v6aceou
    Dental Assisting Karen Cirillo 8294-02 v6aceou
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-01 u6fpqkg
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-02 zkfaz46
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 8293-01 j4ayjos
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 8293-02 fcxhs4m
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 9293-01 do32d71
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 9293-02 q4wocfi
    Last updated - 10/13/22


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9052-01 uqv3br2
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9052-02 6r46nzo
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9053-01 yv5aizi
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9053-02 khrgdxy
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9054-01 vxx7olm
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9054-02 os64a6z
    Drafting Christopher Padula 80008-A01 all exp. groups will use this 457ds7n
    Last updated - 10/13/22


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Electricity Kevin DaCosta 8062-01 enrlqty
    Electricity Kevin DaCosta 8062-02 sijmpyj
    Electricity Gaston Levesque 8063-01 rfso63e
    Electricity Gaston Levesque 8063-02 ifffwbn
    Last updated - 10/13/22


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Electronics Paul Beaudoin 8074-01 xecan6g
    Electronics Paul Beaudoin 8074-02 hmcrhup
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 8073-01 jkro3eq
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 8073-02 dtp5ccp
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 9073-01 jkro3eq
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 9073-02 dtp5ccp
    Electronics Robert medeiros 8072-01 guh7wvw
    Electronics Robert Medeiros 8072-02 e4yebup
    Electronics Robert medeiros 9072-01 guh7wvw
    Electronics Robert Medeiros 9072-02 e4yebup
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Graphic Communications

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Graphic Communications Raymond Machado 8083-01 ndfvpsi
    Graphic Communications Raymond Machado 8083-02 fhdr6l2
    Graphic Communications Raymond Machado 8084-01 kvjthvq
    Graphic Communications Raymond Machado 8084-02 u6funit
    Graphic Communications Siobhan Santos 8083-01 caa4fmc
    Graphic Communications Siobhan Santos 8083-02 e6qgllv
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Health Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 8092-01 (A week shop) 85UFQ
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 8092-02- (B week shop) SUCJT
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 9092-01 (A Week related) 85UFQ
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 9092-02 (B Week Related) SUCJT
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 8094-01, 9094-01 v3r5nme
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 8094-02, 9094-02 7uaqbfg
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8093-01 ywzxiqd
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8093-02 rpkuuog
    Health Assisting Lauren Rebello (all HA exploratory sections) 80012-01-12 qiekhnp
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    HVAC Wyatt L'Etoile 8012-01 (A weeks) diqawip (a weeks)
    HVAC Wyatt L'Etoile 8012-02 (Bweeks) erh4v2j (B weeks)
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Machine Tool Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    There are no records to display.

    Medical Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 8773-01 4t4bb6g
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 8773-02 4eag223
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 9773-01 4t4bb6g
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 9773-02 4eag223
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Ferrara 1301-02 u44z27h
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Ferrara 1301-04 vc3mefk
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Ferrara 1412-01 jszbw3j
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Ferrara 1412-03 goyuzms
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 8774-01 Medical Assisting 12 jfysfkm
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 8774-02 Medical Assisting 12 f2defd5
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 9774-01 Medical Assisting Related 12 jfysfkm
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 9774-02 Medical Assisting Related 12 f2defd5
    Medical Assisting David Lanczycki 1113-04 ddq2m42
    Medical Assisting Karyn Robertson 1052-06 5w35536
    Medical Assisting Karyn Robertson 1052-10 wzx4og2
    Medical Assisting Karyn Robertson 1416-05 fpnkhi3
    Medical Assisting Karyn Robertson 1416-07 c6zm6ac
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A01 3rtjczk
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A02 gzkww2b
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A03 itsrefs
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A04 ljxzrkj
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A05 wrefnst
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A06 6obhpox
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A07 af4hx7e
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A08 kjiams6
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A09 crm3bz3
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A10 otfsgpk
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A11 twtni6m
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A12 ehi67uo
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B01 ftpypln
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B02 uck3sdh
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B03 fubs2v3
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B04 o6aok5p
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B05 u73j2tp
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B06 wyfquva
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B07 ovdluew
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B08 u4fevqn
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B09 gx6gneb
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B10 33xl555
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B11 f2ft2bk
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B12 ldxxbsw
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 9114-01 (A-Week) pqaqyt3
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 9114-02 (B-Week) 7g3gyvg
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 8114-01 v4kunr4
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 8114-02 fx7ofkj
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9112-01 lhugczn
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9112-02 7usyjp3
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9113-01 hhiyt3o
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9113-02 l6y237r
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8112-01 44tunzu
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8112-02 e2j54hy
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8113-01 44tunzu
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8113-02 e2j54hy
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8114-01 44tunzu
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8114-02 e2j54hy
    Metal Fabrication Paul Oliveira 8111- rovnnzb
    Metal Fabrication David Salsinha 9113-01 7djdmus
    Last updated - 10/13/22


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9142 - 01 rycauwu
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9142 - 02 dfmk5fo
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9142-01 rycauwu
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9142-02 dfmk5fo
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9143 - 01 m6ev4em
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9143 - 02 rnqj55k
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9143-01 m6ev4em
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9143-02 rnqj55k
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9144 - 01 sdmp6mq
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9144 - 02 fe4tv6w
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 9144-01 sdmp6mq
    Plumbing Daigle Henry 9144-02 fe4tv6w
    Plumbing Keith Sousa 8142-02 ddxfva2
    Last updated - 10/13/22

    Programming and Web Development

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8663-01 5s2qjzn
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8663-02 aeyiqcb
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8664-01 5s2qjzn
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8664-02 aeyiqcb
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 9663-01 5s2qjzn
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 9663-02 aeyiqcb
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 9664-02 aeyiqcb
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 9664-04 5s2qjzn
    Programming and Web Edward-Louis "Ned" Charpentier 8662-01 ccfqvxt
    Programming and Web Edward-Louis "Ned" Charpentier 8662-02 r2cvof4
    Last updated - 10/13/22