Vocational Teacher Google Classroom Pages

  • Auto Collision

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 6504-01 ukgwzjs
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 8003-01 b7edkto
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 8003-02 gfpyhxx
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 8004-01 dfg3a2h
    Auto Collision Derick Estacio 8004-02 pezmxo6
    Auto Collision Young Michael 9003-2 nh6oubu
    Auto Collision Young Michael 9004-1 eqi75ju
    Auto Collision Young Michael 9004-2 5ro2saz
    Auto Collision Luis Rebelo 80001-A01 y2rdaqv
    Auto Collision Kenny Sousa 8002-01 x7yz5ua
    Auto Collision Kenny Sousa 8002-02 b33zso4
    Auto Collision Michael Young 9002-1 sfzosm4
    Auto Collision Michael Young 9002-2 um6kgm2
    Auto Collision Michael Young 9003-1 7rkdjmx
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Auto Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Auto Technology Neil Arruda 80001-EX 24lj3qf
    Auto Technology Neil Arruda 80002-A01 6ovir7t
    Auto Technology Neil Arruda 80002-B06 vd5ej5m
    Auto Technology Neil Arruda 80002-EX 7vmvvq6
    Auto Technology Steven Cloutier 9024-01 bxydte5
    Auto Technology Steven Cloutier 9024-02 2oy2axi
    Auto Technology Mike Farias 8023-01 dtvijdm
    Auto Technology Mike Farias 9023-02 oltsj7s
    Auto Technology Steven Moniz 9022-01 arrpchp
    Auto Technology Steven Moniz 9022-02 ms3w7kd
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Building & Property Maintenance

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Building and Property Michael Berube 8532-01 uc2wgjp
    Building and Property Michael Berube 8532-02 5d7mq5p
    Building and Property Patrick Bowen 8534-01 h3sgnrf
    Building and Property Patrick Bowen 8534-02 tnnktse
    Building and Property Steven Camara 8533-01 fvi2nht
    Building and Property Steven Camara 8533-01 fvi2nht
    Building and Property Steven Camara 8533-02 nc6raak
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9532-01 rpf7r6e
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9532-02 irowvcj
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9533-01 v5gy7gt
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9533-02 7zyqisi
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9534-01 4fdahgh
    Building and Property Heath Chouinard 9534-02 sfynhp2
    Building and Property Floriano Lima 80003-01 mvg4rvf
    Building and Property Floriano Lima 80003-01 mvg4rvf
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Business Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Business Technology Andrea Case 8552-01 - Business Technology 10 so67tta
    Business Technology Andrea Case 8552-02 - Business Technology 10 jtuotzd
    Business Technology Makaila Moniz BU Exploratory 1-12 uxx6lsr
    Business Technology Makaila Moniz BU Explratory uxx6lsr
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo A Week-Juniors vigzenv
    Business Technology Suzanne Raposo B Week-Juniors odeifxa
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-01 b6jaga3
    Business Technology Anne-Marie Zenni 8554-02 uyctuuc
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Career Readiness

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-01 pcmkfxy
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-02 4edkane
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-03 ri2xveo
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-04 cibzlme
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-05 l4twne2
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-06 odqscq5
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-07 iiwv4yl
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-08 3vrlzo7
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-09 yct42vp
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-10 apfhuae
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-11 szqg3sx
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-12 p5j77a7
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-13 5hh7jn4
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-14 m47tqxx
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-15 62sfhu3
    Career Readiness Kelsey Ainsworth 5031-16 donh2ck
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-01 tlhybtv
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-02 2rfimib
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-03 mbmjaor
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-04 vzdckqb
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-05 7xost6p
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-06 fjvsppl
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-07 mxmdgay
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-08 qyqlohv
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-09 eawrvsk
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-10 idxb4nq
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-11 jl2gmef
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-12 zi5vb5p
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-13 ffjboj6
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-14 zv4bkeb
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-15 4cgmtxf
    Career Readiness Rachel Canastra 5052-16 mkht3mi
    Last updated - 9/23/21


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9102-1 mb3qrtt
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9102-2 xmxzlx5
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9103-1 dtbfvvw
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9103-2 ekvh3md
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9104-1 2dttyzh
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Matt Almeida 9104-2 zlktsnc
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Emanuel Botelho 8103-01 43y5xdl
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Emanuel Botelho 8103-02 qd3wh3r
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Emanuel Botelho 8103-02 qd3wh3r
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-01 w3oxrbd
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-01 w3oxrbd
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-02 ae3q2dn
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Jeffrey Cabral 8104-02 ae3q2dn
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Ronald Silvia 80005-00 2orvwde
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Donald Travers 8102-01 6ouzdct
    Carpentry-Cabinetmaking Donald Travers 8102-02 x7ge4ed
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Culinary Arts

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Culinary Arts Randy Benevides Chef Kitchen Steward 8244-1,2,3,4,5,6 giqo2ul
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 8244-03 2hf7t4g
    Culinary Arts Scott Botelho 8244-04 lgu6zor
    Culinary Arts Meredith Guibeault-Rose 9042-02 x6hazzk
    Culinary Arts Meredith Guilbeault-Rose 9042-01 dzkvy7p
    Culinary Arts Meredith Guilbeault-Rose 9043-01 qx2kklj
    Culinary Arts Christopher McGovern 80006- A 1-12 & B 1-12 utguobs
    Culinary Arts Christopher McGovern 80006- A 1-12 & B 1-12 utguobs
    Culinary Arts Kevin Ouellette 8244-1 to 8244-6 and 6534-01 vjxqy52
    Culinary Arts Jonathan Root 8244-05 txcsbd4
    Culinary Arts Jonathan Root 8244-06 ppltea4
    Culinary Arts Cathleen Wiley 8244-01 g4w5z5r
    Culinary Arts Cathleen Wiley 8244-01 g4w5z5r
    Culinary Arts Cathleen Wiley 8244-02 pname45
    Culinary Arts Cathleen Wiley 8244-02 pname45
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Dental Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Dental Assisting Michelle Bernier 8292-02 8292-01
    Dental Assisting Michelle Bernier 9292-02 9292-01
    Dental Assisting Karen Cirillo 80007-B01 zqolkpe
    Dental Assisting Karen Cirillo 8291-01 z4czwgp
    Dental Assisting Karen Cirillo 8291-02 55bydr5
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-01 cvitaqd
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-01 cvitaqd
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 8294-02 sznt3qq
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-01 tq2xsae
    Dental Assisting Linda Pettine 9294-02 fsra37z
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 8293-01 q45hsss
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 8293-02 drzmvh7
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 9293-01 g3g4tqi
    Dental Assisting Priscilla Wicks 9293-02 yaenyfs
    Last updated - 9/23/21


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9052-01 noazn46
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9052-02 vts4bzr
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9053-01 nbcm75b
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9053-02 kgyvkhz
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9054-01 7f37bjh
    Drafting Kathryn Dufour 9054-02 htpzp23
    Drafting Christopher Padula 80008A1-A12 & 80008B1-B12 n4u5g5y
    Drafting David Paolino 8053-01 j3mg3h7
    Drafting David Paolino 8053-01 j3mg3h7
    Drafting David Paolino 8053-02 34sbmw2
    Drafting David Paolino 8053-02 34sbmw2
    Drafting Mitchell Sweet 8052-01 mmbqj74
    Drafting Mitchell Sweet 8052-02 ktutone
    Drafting Mitchell Sweet 8054-01 y6mhpxz
    Drafting Mitchell Sweet 8054-02 cc2trpk
    Drafting Mitchell Sweet 8054-02 cc2trpk
    Last updated - 9/23/21


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Electricity Peter Chace 8064-01 odwx3oi
    Electricity Peter Chace 8064-02 r24myqu
    Electricity John Knox 80009-A01/80009-B1 fu33ze3
    Electricity Armand Larguinha 8062-01 dgn2e3x
    Electricity Armand Larguinha 8062-02 tf4ahtp
    Electricity Gaston Levesque 8062-02 btbblio
    Electricity Gaston Levesque 9063-01 z77qt6q
    Electricity John Narcizo 9064-01 bff22s4
    Last updated - 9/23/21


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Electronics Paul Beaudoin 8074-1 fr2fypg
    Electronics Paul Beaudoin 8074-2 we2tjrt
    Electronics Bill Berlo 8082-01 vj62pl6
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 8073-01 & 9073-01 uq2bjvx
    Electronics Jamie Manuels 8073-02 & 9073-02 cglm7bm
    Electronics Robert Medeiros 8072-01 & 9072-01 unmwrti
    Electronics Robert Medeiros 8072-02 & 9072-02 v4cnsgg
    Electronics Jonathan Picard 80010-A01 thru A12 njzwkln
    Electronics Jonathan Picard 80010-B01 thru 80010-B12 njzwkln
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Graphic Communications

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Graphic Communications Bill Berlo 8082-02 f5lfk2h
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9162-01 hxxwvos
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9162-02 naoprhc
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9163-01 6knyndz
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9163-02 fl2mkqs
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9164-01 p5fycog
    Graphic Communications Jennifer DiBiasio 9164-02 s4u7a3j
    Graphic Communications Michelle Gaudencio 80011-A01 z6tstjk
    Graphic Communications Raymnd Machado 8084-02 tkq26cj
    Graphic Communications Raymond Machado 8084-01 eeiaonr
    Graphic Communications Siobhan Santos 8083-01 st3eq4s
    Graphic Communications Siobhan Santos 8083-01 mks5gvy
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Health Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 8092-01 y55q7xr
    Health Assisting Stephen Alves 8092-02 63x7gry
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 8093-01 nh3j3ac
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 8093-02 rs67kte
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 9093-01 nh3j3ac
    Health Assisting Cynthia Berube 9093-02 rs67kte
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8093-01 nh3j3ac
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8093-02 rs67kte
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8094-01 3awe4td
    Health Assisting Elizabeth Hyde 8094-02 uppccmb
    Health Assisting Lauren Rebello 80012 1 -12 xbldu4n
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    HVAC William Harris 0912-01 zw7v2qa
    HVAC William Harris 9012-02 ojyeqz4
    HVAC William Harris 9013-01 iizvwye
    HVAC William Harris 9014-01 4t3h4jc
    HVAC William Harris 9014-02 6idkjzu
    HVAC William Harris 9014-02 n6ogdzt
    HVAC Wyatt L'Etoile Gr 10 A-week mwg2jwj
    HVAC Wyatt L'Etoile Gr 10 B-week i7hlsrk
    HVAC Herman Medeiros 8013-01 6kxthoc
    HVAC Herman Medeiros 8013-02 y5yvidw
    HVAC Patrick Merrick 8014-01 3zpzhlk
    HVAC Patrick Merrick 8014-02 06kvyi4
    HVAC Gabriel Teixeira 8012-09 rwwhtzv
    HVAC Gabriel Teixeira 8012-09 4thwatd
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Machine Tool Technology

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Machine Tool Kurt Chouinard 8124-01 f4dwqsc
    Machine Tool Kurt Chouinard 8124-02 fshrwnw
    Machine Tool Steven Desmarais 8122-01 4q3s5fo
    Machine Tool Steven Desmarais 8122-02 3d5i4ky
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9122-01 nh5hbl2
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9122-02 7ce5udb
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9123-01 v4fsriq
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9123-02 e5s5up4
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9124-01 ftpv7xs
    Machine Tool Gilbert Rocha 9124-2 2lx47xx
    Machine Tool Adam Simcock 80014-A01 zayg2hc
    Machine Tool Michael Valerio 8123-01 wuldwqn
    Machine Tool Michael Valerio 8123-02 lzp7lty
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Medical Assisting

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 9773-01 ecwubco
    Medical Assisting Jennifer Carter 9773-02 oylcchg
    Medical Assisting Stephanie Dossantos 8772-01 5cgrh43
    Medical Assisting Stephanie DosSantos 8772-02 qgpawgm
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 8774-01 d4buxc4
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 8774-02 ioy57as
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 9772-01 d4buxc4
    Medical Assisting Heather Hughes 9772-02 ioy57as
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A01 25zzi6z
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A02 ahukh3u
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A03 77xyjtu
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A04 lyfcevv
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A05 wupu7ic
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A06 wurdzqv
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A07 j24jfae
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A08 ijpia2l
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A09 u3xq7jv
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A10 wz2p2yl
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A11 e4jedgz
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-A12 d372hxn
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B01 3l2vbtv
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B02 xt4suo3
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B03 oy6d632
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B04 dmajm6p
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B05 aublvbb
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B06 w4wtj7m
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B07 qam3lto
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B08 pgxxtpi
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B09 uklo7oh
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B10 fsjqyh2
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B11 xganmrb
    Medical Assisting Vanessa Vasconcellos 80018-B12 z3jxlh7
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8112-01 yok5cgg
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8112-02 k477suf
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8113-01 yok5cgg
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8113-02 k477suf
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8114-01 yok5cgg
    Metal Fabrication Kevin DeSousa 8114-02 k477suf
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9112-01 lhugczn
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9112-02 7usyjp3
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9113-01 hhiyt3o
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9113-02 l6y237r
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9114-01 v4kunr4
    Metal Fabrication Paul Nogueira 9114-02 fx7ofkj
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8112-01 e2j54hy
    Metal Fabrication Marc O'Connor 8112-02 44tunzu
    Metal Fabrication Paul Oliveira 80015-A01 adjqjzs
    Metal Fabrication Paul Oliveira 80015-B01 5zjucyz
    Metal Fabrication David Salsinha 8113-01 7djdmus
    Last updated - 9/23/21


    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9142-01 kq6xrg3
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9142-02 ljcso2i
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9143-01 cdstmsc
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9143-02 qcejz4i
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9144-01 shhzpiv
    Plumbing Steve Bradham 9144-02 yw2qylp
    Plumbing Derek Carvalho 8143-01 mwphagf
    Plumbing Derek Carvalho 8143-02 mwphagf
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 8144-01 2cf5k7n
    Plumbing Henry Daigle 8144-02 3xalpen
    Plumbing Leo Dutra Jr. 80016-01 nba2vuv
    Plumbing Vincent Karppinen 8142-02 465frxh
    Plumbing Vincent Karppinen 8142-02 556juuy
    Last updated - 9/23/21

    Programming and Web Development

    Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8664-01 dpdn5f5
    Programming and Web Deborah Boscombe 8664-02 yaeb3bz
    Programming and Web Ned Charpentier 8663-01 lo2qkgu
    Programming and Web Ned Charpentier 8663-02 rpythgk
    Programming and Web Matthew Pimentel 8662-01 pzq7ix5
    Programming and Web Matthew Pimentel 8662-02 3c6fpli
    Programming and Web Shawn Pimentel 80017-A01 k63qahm
    Last updated - 9/23/21