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    Students will be entitled to transportation to and from school at the expense of the public schools when such transportation conforms to applicable provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws.  Reimbursement to the school system for transportation costs is given by the Commonwealth, subject to appropriation, only for (a) students living at least one and one half miles from school, (b) students who live more than one mile from the nearest bus stop, and (c) students with special needs for whom transportation must be provided.

    Additionally, the Committee will provide transportation for students as follows:

    Kindergarten:  All students, except those living in immediate proximity to the school, as determined by the Superintendent.

    Grades 1 - 3:  Students living more than one mile from school.

    Grades 4 - 6:  Students living more than one and one-half miles from school.

    Grades 7 -12:  Students living more than two miles from school.

    Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Superintendent.  This will apply particularly to any student who must travel in a hazardous area to and from school. These students will be transported regardless of the mileage limits listed.

    SOURCE:  MASC August 2016

    LEGAL REFS.:  M.G.L. 40:5; 71:7A; 71:68; 71B:5

    CROSS REF.:   EEA, Student Transportation Services

    NOTE:  The cross reference is to a related policy in this manual.  Depending on the content of a policy on walkers and riders, additional legal references may be necessary.  Only the most important references were cited above.  Review the legal citations at EEA for possible addition to any local policy adopted at this code.

    Adopted: 10/11/18