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    A sound budget development process must be established to ensure that the annual operating budget accurately reflects the District’s goals The budget is a financial planning tool that grounds itself in careful analysis of student achievement, enrollment, mandated services, and community values to allocate resources towards the goals set by the Committee. The first priority in the development of an annual budget will be the educational welfare of the children in our schools. The Committee also holds in balance the valid interest of the taxpayers.


    The budget document shall reflect all sources of revenue. It shall clearly explain how those funds will be used.


    In the budget planning process for the school district, the Superintendent will:


    1. Engage in thorough advance planning, with staff and community involvement, in order to develop budgets and guide expenditures in a manner that will achieve the greatest educational returns and contributions to the educational program in relation to dollars expended.
    2. Establish levels of funding that will provide high quality education for all students.
    3. Use the best available techniques for budget development and management.


    The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for budget preparation, including the construction of, and adherence to, a budget calendar which will be shared publicly with the community. Such calendar will take into consideration the requirement that School Councils are to be consulted in developing school budgets.



    SOURCE: MASC  2021



    Approved by SC 12/08/2022




    NOTE: Include in this category statements on the general plan for budget development and on staff/student/public participation in the process (but not the official hearings). If advisory committees take part, this might be included in the policy, with details on their functioning presented as an accompanying regulation.