HVACR Shop Policies & Procedures

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    • Be in your assigned line spot/work area for class BEFORE the bell.
    • Absences will result in a grade of zero for that day until make-up work is submitted.
    • A note must verify tardiness due to detainment by another instructor or other school staff.
    • It is the responsibility of each student to contact his or her shop instructor and arrange to make up work that has been missed due to absence. This should be done the day the student returns.



    • Appropriate shop behavior is expected at all times.
    • All shop safety requirements and OSHA training must be adhered to.
    • Students will leave the shop with the instructor’s permission, using the sign out sheet, and carrying a pass.
    • Any insubordination, physical, aggressive, destructive or defacing behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Mobile phones and electronics are not permitted in shop, and must be kept in shop lockers.
    • Break is a privilege that can be taken away if abused.
    • Food and drink are only allowed during break.
    • Backpacks/Bags must remain in lockers during break for safety reasons.
    • Continued misconduct will result in any or all of the actions below:
      • Student will be assigned shop detention.
      • Student will be sent to office or guidance.
      • Parents/guardians will be notified and/or parental conference requested.


    Student Responsibilities

    • ANSI rated/approved safety glasses and hard hats will be issued by Diman, it is the student’s responsibility to possess and maintain this equipment. Students are allowed to provide their own PPE if it meets or exceeds the ANSI standards, and approved by the instructor.
    • Journals/Job Tickets will be assigned, maintained and organized by each student in their own binders.
    • Students are to report any damaged equipment or tools to the instructor immediately. Failure to report can result in another student getting injured or further equipment damage.
    • Students are assigned shop lockers that are to be kept clean and tidy. Food should not be left in these lockers which could attract pests. 
    • Students will conform to the HVACR dress code with long hair tied up and off the collar; any deviations must be approved by the instructors.
    • Students will report any injuries to the instructor, no matter how small.
    • Students will know and follow proper evacuation procedures in the event of a fire drill and other school emergencies.


    Housekeeping – Take pride in HVAC

    • Keeping the shop neat and clean is everyone’s responsibility.
    • Keep all work areas clean and free from OSHA defined slip, trip and fall hazards at all times.
    • Students will store all shop tools, materials and equipment properly before leaving for the day.
    • Shop cleanup jobs will be assigned by instructor if necessary.


    Extra Help

    • Instructors will be available for extra help afterschool every Monday.
    • Instructors will be available for additional help by appointment.


    Grading Policy

    • Each student will earn two daily grades. One based on Employability Skills, and one based on Technical Skills and Project Completion.
    • These grades are assigned using the HVAC Employability and Technical Grading Rubrics.
    • Grades will be posted on Aspen at least weekly.