Drafting Shop Rules

  • Download the document here.

    1. Students are required to follow all rules as outlined in the student handbook.
    2. You must be in your assigned seat when the 7:45 bell rings or you will be considered tardy.
    3. In the event of a visit from another teacher, administrator or school visitor and or a phone call to the shop you are to remain quietly in your seats.
    4. All students are expected to attend shop prepared with the following items:
      • Shop Notebook
      • Textbook
      • Pen and Pencil
      • Scientific Calculator
    5. Students who are absent shall assume the responsibility of meeting with the instructor to obtain missed work and shop instruction.
      • Arrangements for make-up exams shall be made during the first 3 days in which the student returns to school.
      • Students who do not make-up missed exams shall receive a grade of ZERO.
      • Extra Help and make up exams are available on Wednesdays after school by appointment
    6. Students are responsible for maintaining and managing all of their drawing files. Missing or deleted files does not excuse you from handing in an assignment.  YOUR DRAWINGS ARE YOUR GRADE AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
    7. Any students found to be in possession of another students work (i.e. copying any drawing file or portion of it)  ALL PARTIES INVOLVED will receive an automatic ZERO for PLAGIARISM.
    8. Notebooks are to be kept neat and up to date at all times.
    9. NO hats, coats, gloves, sunglasses or earphones are to be worn in the shop at anytime.
    10. NO vulgar language or topics of conversation that are inappropriate or offensive to others
    11. NO harassing, picking-on, hazing or making fun of any other student.
    12. NO hitting, slapping, play fighting or throwing objects.
    13. NO defacing school property; desktops, textbooks, etc.
    14. Broken, damaged, or lost equipment, as a result of deliberate carelessness by the student, will be repaired or replaced at the student’s expense.
    15. If you are absent the day before you must have an admit slip in your possession by 7:45 or you will be sent to the office for one, in turn being late to class, and receiving 1 hour of school detention.