Electronics Technology Shop Policies

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    1. You must be dressed for shop & school properly as listed in the Electronics Shop Dress Code.
    2. You must follow the Electronics Shop Safety Regulations for all of the tasks you are performing & each piece of equipment that you are using. You must have appropriate safety check-offs on record before equipment is used.
    3.  Safety glasses will be worn as designed whenever using power tools, hand tools and live electronic circuitry. All other times, safety glasses will be worn around the neck with a lanyard.
    4. You must wear your ID badge around your neck at all times.
    5. You must have be prepared to work at all times with required materials at hand.
    6. You must be in your seat when the bell rings at 7:45 a.m.
    7. You must keep quiet during all announcements in the morning & afternoon or any other time that they are being made during the school day.
    8. You must follow Diman’s Internet, Computer & Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
    9. You must keep busy with your assignments. There is no down time in shop.
    10. You must ask for permission if you need to leave the shop for any reason, you must sign out & take a pass with your ID around your neck.
    11. Do not jump up to leave when the bell rings for lunch or the end of school day. Remain in your seat at your bench. The teacher will dismiss you.
    12. All long hair must be tied back and off the collar.
    13. At the end of the school day before announcements & dismissal you must make sure your bench is clean, turn your computer/equipment off, & push in your seat.
    14. You must follow all of the policies above & all the regulations listed in the student handbook.


    *Any repeated offenses will result in a shop detention & further repeated offenses will result in a school detention.