Building and Property Maintenance Shop Rules and Responsibilities

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    1. Students are required to be in the shop ready for work, dressed in shop uniform, and on their box by 7:45 am. Students must be done collecting break money by 8:00 AM. Notes are required for scheduled early dismissals.
    2. Students must have a pencil, safety glasses, steel-toed work shoes and proper clothing.   A tool belt containing; tape measure, hammer, multi-screwdrivers & utility knife is required for all juniors and seniors when in shop.
    3. No jewelry will be allowed in shop except for one stud earring in each ear. No hoop earrings, bracelets, or chains, gages, rings, lip or face piercings, etc.
    4. Long hair must be tied up and off the collar, finger nails must be trimmed close.
    5. No tight fitting or stretchy pants allowed. Only appropriate work pants that fit over boots
    6. No throwing of anything in shop.
    7. No slapping, pushing, shoving or any other body contact between students.
    8. Notebooks shall be kept for shop assignments and projects.
    9. No loud yelling or screaming or whistling in shop.
    10. No one is to leave the shop without:
      1. The permission of their instructor, acquiring a corridor pass and filling out sign out sheet.
    11. Before using a tool you must have all of the following:
      1. Safety instructions on the tool.
      2. Operating instructions on the tool.
      3. Supervised operation of the tool.
      4. Permission of the instructor.
    12. Shirts must be fully tucked in at all times and students must wear a belt.
    13. No swearing, profanity or derogatory comments in shop.
    14. Students are to remain in their work areas at all times, do not wander around or socialize with other students.
    15. Students will be dismissed by the instructor not by the bells.
    16. Discipline policy is according to the student handbook.
    17. Break time will be chosen by instructor and must be eaten in designated areas.
    18. Extra help is available on Fridays or BY APPOINTMENT.
    19. Make up assignments are required from any student who is absent. It is the responsibility of the student to see the instructor within 2 days of absence to receive the make up assignment. Any work not turned in will count as a “0”.
    20. Grading policy;
      Employability Skills (Time on task, Effort, Conduct, Following Directions, Safety) = 50%
      Quality of Work = 50%
    21. A Written project outline will be completed after each project and placed in student folder.

    ** NO cell phones are allowed on your person, in Shop or Class**
    They will be confiscated and dealt with according to School Policy