Metal Fabrication Shop Policies and Procedures

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    1. At the 7:45am bell, students are to be in line, wearing the proper shop uniform which is made up of the shop polo shirt and work pants. The proper PPE (personal protective equipment) will be in their possession at this time. Students going to their locker after attendance are considered late and will be sent to the Dean of Students office for detention.
    2. When students are absent, they are to obtain their admit slip before the 7:45am bell. Detention will be issue to those students who go for a slip after the bell.
    3. Hooded sweatshirts are a safety hazard and will not be worn during the work day. Shop shirts and shop sweatshirts are part of the shop uniform and all students must be in line dressed properly at the start of the school day. No Hoodies…
    4. The minimum proper shop PPE is; Safety glasses and steel toe boots. These will be worn at all times for the students own safety. All other PPE will be situationally worn according to the job being performed.
      (No tinted safety glasses clear only).
    5. Swearing and/or disrespect of ANYONE will not be tolerated.
    6. Only assigned students will be allowed in the tool crib to hand out tools and equipment in order to keep track of inventory.
    7. Students are allowed in the office with permission from an instructor.
    8. Students must communicate with their instructor if they need to leave the shop for any reason. It is important that we have accountability of all personnel in the shop in case of emergency.
    9. During the work day students will be on their feet working. The sheet metal and metal fabrication trades are hands on occupations that are physically demanding on ones feet. Sitting will be done on breaks and while welding in the booths.
    10. Students are to work in their designated work area. This is done to help keep accountability of the students and to minimize the crowding of specific areas.
    11. Students are allowed to go to their lockers during work hours with permission from their instructor.
    12. Students will be trained and tested on the safe use of all tools and equipment before being signed off on them. It is important that all students understand this is for their own safety and the consequences could be dangerous should they use equipment without the proper training.
    13. Frayed or torn clothing must be repaired or discarded. It is unsafe to wear torn clothing in shop because it can get caught up on equipment or catch fire easily.
    14. No rings, earrings, loose fitting, or hanging jewelry that is deemed unsafe by the instructors are to be worn in shop. Again this is for the students own safety, please keep these item at home.
    15. Hearing protection is to be used in high noise areas and situations.
    16. All long hair must be tied up. This goes for males and females.
    17. Cell phones are a dangerous distraction and are to be kept in your locker during the school day. Should a parent need to contact their son or daughter they can reach the school at 1-508-678-2891 and administration will get ahold of the student.

    The Metal Fabrication policy and procedures are put in place to keep the students safe and prepare them for what they will be subjected to in the work world. They are also a guideline for what is acceptable behavior in a shop setting. Students in violation of procedure will understand they are responsible for their actions and accept the consequence for own behavior.

    Consequences for violations include; unsatisfactory grades, shop detention, school detention, and suspension.