Business Technology Program Policies and Rules

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    7:45 a.m. Attendance is taken. If you arrive after 7:45 a.m., you will need a late slip from the Assistant Vice Principal’s Office.
    7:46 a.m. Pledge of Allegiance
    Moment of Silence
    Morning Announcements
    Uniform Compliance Check
    8:05 a.m. Class day starts
    9:30 a.m. Break begins
    9:50 a.m. Break ends
    9:55 a.m. Break clean up
    10:00 a.m. Bathroom break
    12:30 p.m.  Lunch break begins
    12:55 p.m.  Lunch break ends
    Afternoon bathroom break
    2:10 p.m. Clean up work space and shop
    2:28 p.m.   Dismissal

    Business Technology students must follow the Diman Uniform Policy outlined in the Diman Student Handbook and our shop specific dress code that includes the following:

    • All students are required to wear a Student ID at all times when school is in session.
    • All students are required to wear a shop specific uniform while in their vocational program.
    • All students are expected to come to shop neat and clean. Students must not wear anything that interferes with the education process or which is a danger to their health. Safety standards will be established by shop instructors.
    • Shorts are not permitted in any shop.
    • For safety reasons, flip flop sandals, open back shoes, and slipper type shoes are not permitted in shop.
    • Frayed or torn clothing presents safety hazards and will not be allowed.
    • Approved fleece jackets or outerwear clothing (sweatshirts) must be purchased through the Diman Uniform Store. These items have been approved by administration.
    • Students are NOT allowed to wear their own sweatshirt or jacket in shop.
    • Wearing a uniform sweatshirt or jacket to shop does not exclude the student from wearing the approved shop collared shirt.
    • Students that do not wish to purchase a jacket or sweatshirt can wear a white or black long sleeve t-shirt under the shop approved shirt.
    • Business Technology juniors (Class of 2021) and seniors (Class of 2020) can continue to wear the khaki colored business work pants and the black collared shirts; however, black shop fleece jackets will be the only outerwear that will be allowed to be worn during shop.
    • Juniors and seniors wishing to purchase a new fleece or a shop sweatshirt will need to order the new color (light grey) now assigned to the shop through the Diman Uniform Store.
    • Uniform shirt must be tucked into pants.
    • Please see the next page for information on shop pants. 

    Diman Student Handbook Shop Break Policy

    • During their shop cycle, students will be permitted a twenty (20) minute break at mid-morning.
    • Students’ shop break is a privilege, not a right. Student misbehavior in the shop may cause the student’s break to be canceled.

    Shop Break Policy Specific To Business Technology

    • Students may bring a break from home. Each room in the shop is equipped with a refrigerator, should it be required.
    • Students should NOT bring in a shop break that requires heating. The Business Technology Program does offer District approved shop break. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase/consumption during break time only. Bottled water is $0.75 cents and all snacks are available at the price of $0.75 cents.
    • All proceeds from these sales stay in the program and are to be used for items such as the student shop fleece jackets, senior gifts, and water bottles for the two large complimentary water coolers available to the students throughout their day.
    • Please feel free to contact Mrs. Zenni at 508-678-2891 ext. 2221 or at should your student have any dietary restrictions or food based allergies.
    • Students that enter shop with a late admit slip (regardless of the reason or time of admittance) will forfeit their break for the day if they arrive before break. If the student arrives after break, they will forfeit break the next day they are in shop. Students are to use this time to review the missed instruction and to complete missed assignments.
    • Distributes documents to offices or classrooms as requested by the instructor.
    • Answer the phone with the following:
      “Thank you for calling Business Technology. Student speaking, how may I help you?”
      If the instructor that they would like to speak to is not available, the following should be said:
       ________ is unavailable at the moment. Would you like to leave a message or speak to another instructor?”
    • Takes completed phone message for the instructor.
    • Makes copies and prints documents as requested by the shop instructor.
    • Collects work/projects and puts them in alphabetical order by last name to be handed in.
    • Shreds documents.
    • Ensures copier is loaded with paper for the following business day.
    • If a student comes into the classroom and the instructor is not present, assist the student.
    • Collects work for students that are absent.


    1. The Diman RVTHS handbook contains all school/shop rules and dress code requirements.
      In addition, the items below will also be adhered to in the Business Technology Shop.
    2. SAFETY COMES FIRST! Report all injuries, no matter how minor, to the instructor.
    3. NO LOUD OR EXCESSIVE TALKING; be considerate to others trying to work.
    4. No roaming around (roller roaming) or constantly out of your seat.
    5. Remain at your station and working during the instructor’s breaks and prep periods.
    6. PLAGIARISM (cheating, copying, and stealing) is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. Any student involved in this behavior will receive a “ZERO” for the assignment involved.
    7. VANDALISM (physical or electronic) is a serious offense and will be not tolerated. Any student involved in this behavior will be reprimanded per the student handbook.
    8. No hitting, slapping, play fighting, running around, or throwing objects.
    9. No vulgar language or topics of conversation that are inappropriate or offensive to others.
    10. No defacing school property (graffiti); desktops, textbooks, computers, mouse pads, etc.
    11. No teasing, harassing, picking-on, hazing, or making fun of any other student.
    12. No sitting on reference desks, tables, cabinets, or counters along the window.
    13. No hats, coats, heavy outerwear, or sunglasses will be worn while working. All personal belongings to be stored in lockers.
    14. No cellular phones. They will be confiscated and your daily grade lowered 50%. Phones are to be left in lockers and not accessed throughout the school day.
    15. No food or drinks allowed in the shop, except during the morning break period.
    16. Broken, damaged, or lost equipment, as a result of deliberate carelessness by the student, will be repaired or replaced at the student’s expense.
    17. In order to be prepared for shop assignments, shop students must have with them for the full shop cycle a pen or a pencil. All other items will be provided.
    18. Absolutely no electronic devices are allowed in shop! They must be kept in your locker. Handbags and backpacks are also not allowed in shop and need to be kept in your locker.


    The following are not permitted:

    1. Sending or accessing offensive messages or pictures via the computer.
    2. Using obscene language.
    3. Harassing, insulting, or attacking others.
    4. Damaging computers, computer systems, or computer networks.
    5. Violating copyright laws. (Illegal music downloads)
    6. Using passwords of others.
    7. Trespassing in others’ folders, work, or files.
    8. Intentionally wasting resources. (Paper, Colored Ink, etc.)
    9. Installation or downloading of any software programs is prohibited.
    10. Students are not to “share” any work with other students. Sending or copying of another student’s assignment is considered “cheating” and will result in a grade of zero for the assignment and a Saturday school.
    11. Accessing social media is not allowed (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) even if computers allow access.
    12. A Microsoft Outlook shop e-mail account will be assigned to each student to be utilized as a learning tool. All e-mail sent in shop is accessible by your instructors and will be monitored to ensure that it is only used as part of the instructional process. Students are not allowed to access personal e-mail accounts in shop unless approved by the instructor.
    13. A school Gmail account will be assigned to you. It is to be used only as a communication and learning tool. It will allow you access to both academic and shop instructors and to any course documents.
    14. In addition, students are also responsible for the Internet/Computer use policy outlined in the student handbook.

    Violations of these rules will result in a 50% reduction of your daily grade and severe disciplinary action, which can include Saturday school or school suspension.


    Employability Skills (50%)

    Students will be graded on the following criterion:

    • Conduct/Effort
    • Productivity


    • Student adheres to the Standards of Behavior for Business Technology distributed to and signed by student and parent/guardian.
    • Student is an active participant.
    • Student has a positive and productive attitude.


    • Student is ready to work and accepts all assignments professionally.
    • After instruction, student attempts assignment (s) using problem solving techniques.
    • Student displays positive attitude toward assignments, classmates, and instructors .
    • Student takes pride in work.


    • Student completes assignments accurately.
    • Student completes assignments within scheduled time.
    • Students that require additional time will utilize before class, break, and instructor after school help days to complete assignments.


    For each unexcused absence: -5 from your final cycle grade

    Uniform violation (school designated shop shirt and pants): -10 from your daily grade

    Uniform appearance (neat and clean): -5 from your daily grade


    • All absences-excused and unexcused– will require the “make up” of all missed assignments.
    • Students must see all shop instructors for missed work within two days of returning to shop which is the district policy. However, in the business world you would need to complete your work upon return, and as a professional, you should strive to see your instructor immediately upon your return.
    • Instructors will be available to review missed assignments after school only. Students should be prepared to attend the instructor’s after school help day until missed work is complete.
    • Students who miss the last day of shop before the cycle change will be required to meet with a shop instructor before or after school on the day they return to school
    • Failure to complete missing assignments within the allowed time will result in a reduction of the Employability Skills grade.