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  • Below are the most recent additions to the library, as of March 2021.

  • Dear Justyce

    Dear Justyce

    by Nic Stone Year Published:

    Incarcerated teen Quan Banks writes letters to Justyce McCallister, with whom he bonded years before over family issues, about his experiences in the American juvenile justice system.

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  • Breathless


    by Jennifer Niven Year Published: 2020

    With graduation on the horizon, budding writer Claudine Henry is making plans: college in the fall, become a famous author, and maybe--finally--have sex. She doesn't even need to be in love. Then her dad drops a bombshell: he's leaving Claude's mother. Suddenly, Claude's entire world feels like a lie, and her future anything but under control . . . Claude's mom whisks them away to the last place Claude could imagine nursing a broken heart: a remote, mosquito-infested island off the coast of Georgia. But then Jeremiah Crew happens. Miah is a local trail guide with a passion for photography--and a past he doesn't like to talk about. He's brash and enigmatic, and even more infuriatingly, he's the only one who seems to see Claude for who she wants to be. So when Claude decides to sleep with Miah, she tells herself it's just sex, nothing more. There's not enough time to fall in love, especially if it means putting her already broken heart at risk.

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  •  Archenemies


    by Marissa Meyer Year Published:

    As Nova, Adrian, and the rest of their crew face escalating crime in Gatlon City, covert weapons and conflicting missions have Nova and Adrian questioning not only their beliefs about justice, but also their feelings for each other. Nova and Adrian fought the battle of their lives against the Anarchist known as the Detonator. It was a short-lived victory-- the Anarchists still have a secret weapon. And Nova's double life is getting more complicated: as Insomnia, she is a member of the Renegades; as Nightmare, she is an Anarchist. And Adrian has some secrets of his own. Together they can save the world ... but time is running out ...

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  •  Furia


    by Yamile Saied Méndez Year Published: 2020

    Seventeen-year-old Camila Hassan, a rising soccer star in Rosario, Argentina, dreams of playing professionally, in defiance of her fathers' wishes and at the risk of her budding romance with Diego.

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  •  The Hand on the Wall

    The Hand on the Wall

    by Maureen Johnson Year Published: 2020

    Ellingham Academy must be cursed. Three people are now dead. One, a victim of either a prank gone wrong or a murder. Another, dead by misadventure. And now, an accident in Burlington has claimed another life. All three in the wrong place at the wrong time. All at the exact moment of Stevie's greatest triumph . . . She knows who Truly Devious is. She's solved it. The greatest case of the century. At least, she thinks she has. With this latest tragedy, it's hard to concentrate on the past. Not only has someone died in town, but David disappeared of his own free will and is up to something. Stevie is sure that somehow--somehow--all these things connect. The three deaths in the present. The deaths in the past. The missing Alice Ellingham and the missing David Eastman. Somewhere in this place of riddles and puzzles there must be answers. Then another accident occurs as a massive storm heads toward Vermont. This is too much for the parents and administrators. Ellingham Academy is evacuated. Obviously, it's time for Stevie to do something stupid. It's time to stay on the mountain and face the storm--and a murderer.

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  •  You Should See Me in a Crown

    You Should See Me in a Crown

    by Leah Johnson Year Published: 2020

    Liz Lighty has always done her best to avoid the spotlight in her small, wealthy, and prom-obsessed midwestern high school, after all, her family is black and rather poor, especially since her mother died; instead she has concentrated on her grades and her musical ability in the hopes that it will win her a scholarship to elite Pennington College and their famous orchestra where she plans to study medicine--but when that scholarship falls through she is forced to turn to her school's scholarship for prom king and queen, which plunges her into the gauntlet of social media which she hates and leads her to discoveries about her own identity and the value of true friendships.

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  •  A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

    A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

    by Holly Jackson Year Published:

    As her senior capstone project, Pippa Fitz-Amobi is determined to find the real killer in a closed, local murder case, but not everyone wants her meddling in the past.

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  • Defy the Fates

    Defy the Fates

    by Claudia Gray Year Published: 2019

    Abel, the most advanced robot in the galaxy, must save teenaged soldier Noemi by resurrecting her into a human-mech hybrid, a decision which will have consequences throughout the galaxy and may just turn the tide in the war between Genesis and Earth.

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  •  Defy the Worlds

    Defy the Worlds

    by Claudia Gray Year Published: 2018

    Sophisticated robot Abel must save teenaged soldier Noemi from capture on a hidden planet, while outwitting armies of deranged service robots and securing medical aid for a plague on Noemi's home world.

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  •  Only Mostly Devastated

    Only Mostly Devastated

    by S. Gonzales Year Published: 2020

    When his aunt's illness keeps Ollie in North Carolina, he hopes his summer fling with Will can grow into something more, but at school Will proves to be a completely different--and firmly closeted--man.

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  •  Not So Pure and Simple

    Not So Pure and Simple

    by L. R. Giles Year Published: 2020

    High school junior Del Rainey unwittingly joins a Purity Pledge class at church, hoping to get closer to his long-term crush, Kiera.

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  •  Felix Ever After

    Felix Ever After

    by Kacen Callender Year Published: 2020

    Felix Love, a transgender seventeen-year-old, attempts to get revenge by catfishing his anonymous bully, but lands in a quasi-love triangle with his former enemy and his best friend.

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  •  Lovely War

    Lovely War

    by Julie Berry Year Published: 2019

    In the perilous days of World Wars I and II, the gods hold the fates -- and the hearts -- of four mortals in their hands. They are Hazel, James, Aubrey, and Colette. A classical pianist from London, a British would-be architect-turned-soldier, a Harlem-born ragtime genius in the U.S. Army, and a Belgian orphan with a gorgeous voice and a devastating past. Their story, as told by goddess Aphrodite to her husband, Hephaestus, and her lover, Ares, is filled with hope and heartbreak, prejudice and passion, and reveals that, though War is a formidable force, it's no match for the transcendent power of Love.

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  •  Broken Throne: A Red Queen Collection

    Broken Throne: A Red Queen Collection

    by Victoria Aveyard Year Published: 2020

    Collects never-before-seen maps, flags, bonus scenes along with five novellas, including 'Queen Song,' in which Queen Coriane keeps a secret diary that recounts her courtship, Cal's birth, and the challenges of royal life.

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  • Yes No Maybe So

    by Becky Albertalli Year Published: 2020

    Jamie Goldberg is cool with volunteering for his local state senate candidate--as long as he's behind the scenes. When it comes to speaking to strangers (or, let's face it, speaking at all to almost anyone), Jamie's a choke artist. There's no way he'd ever knock on doors to ask people for their votes . . . until he meets Maya. Maya Rehman's having the worst Ramadan ever. Her best friend is too busy to hang out, her summer trip is canceled, and now her parents are separating. Why her mother thinks the solution to her problems is political canvassing--with some awkward dude she hardly knows--is beyond her. Going door to isn't exactly glamorous, but maybe it's not the worst thing in the world. After all, the polls are getting closer--and so are Maya and Jamie.

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  •  Children of Virtue and Vengeance

    Children of Virtue and Vengeance

    by Tomi Adeyemi Year Published:

    After Zélie and Amari bring magic back to the land of Orïsha, the monarchy and military unite to keep control of Orïsha, forcing Zélie to fight to secure Amari's right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy's wrath.

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  • Be Gay, Do Comics: Queer History, Memoir, and Sati

    Be Gay, Do Comics: Queer History, Memoir, and Satire from The Nib

    by Matt Lubchansky Year Published: 2020

    he dream of a queer separatist town. The life of a gay, Jewish Nazi-fighter. A gender reveal party that tears reality apart. These are just some of the comics you'll find in this massive queer comics anthology from The Nib. [This book] is filled with dozens of comics about LGBTQIA + experiences, ranging from personal stories to queer history to cutting satire about pronoun panic and brands desperate to co-opt pride.

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  •  Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Mem

    Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir

    by Tyler Feder Year Published: 2020

    Tyler Feder shares her story of her mother's first oncology appointment to facing reality as a motherless daughter in this frank and refreshingly funny graphic memoir.

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  •  You Too?: 25 Voices Share Their #MeToo Stories

    You Too?: 25 Voices Share Their #MeToo Stories

    by Janet Gurtler Year Published: 2020

    A collection of personal essays inspired by the #MeToo movement.

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  • Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy

    Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy

    by Kelly Jensen Year Published: 2020

    Thirty-seven contributors--including model Tyra Banks, gymnast Aly Raisman, and bestselling YA authors--explore the world in their unique bodies through essays, lists, comics, and art.

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  •  What Happens in Paradise : A Novel

    What Happens in Paradise : A Novel

    by Ellin Hilderbrand Year Published: 2020 Teacher's Bookshelf

    A year ago, Irene Steele had the shock of her life: her loving husband, father to their grown sons and successful businessman, was killed in a plane crash. But that wasn't Irene's only shattering news. He'd also been leading a double life on the island of St. John, where another woman loved him, too. Now Irene and her sons are back on St. John, determined to learn the truth about the mysterious life -- and death -- of a man they thought they knew. Along the way, they're about to learn some surprising truths about their own lives, and their futures.

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