Recruiting for 2020-2021 will begin in November 2019





    Licensed Practical Nurses are vital and accountable members of the health care team, who provide direct care to individuals who have common illnesses or disabilities. Completion of this program will provide you with theory and technical skills necessary to become a well-trained and respected member of the health care team.



    Recruitment normally takes place from November to April. For example, recruitment will start November 2019 to April 2020 for the 2020-2021 incoming class. Recruitment includes, Free Informational Sessions, TEAS Prep Courses and TEAS testing at our facility. TEAS Prep Courses are offered through our Division of Continuing Education. More information and instructions are available at: www.dimanregional.org – select Adult Ed then Division of Continuing Education.

    TEAS tests are offered at least once a month. Our last testing session is in May. Any applicant wishing to take the TEAS after May would have to find an alternate testing site, after taking the test you may contact the LPN office with your unofficial results.


    Program Content

    The Full-Time Day Program is a forty (40) week program with three (3) weeks of vacation and holidays as designated by the School and State. A Full-Time Day Program starts at the end of every August and runs through end of June.


    FT Day classes run Monday through Friday and are normally held from 7:45AM - 2:45PM and clinical from 7:00AM - 3:30PM. Some evening rotations may be necessary to meet clinical objectives.


    The program is arranged to give the student a well-rounded experience based on accepted standards for nursing education and include correlated classroom instruction, client-centered teaching and supervised clinical experiences.



    A Summary of the Application Process

    Step 1

    Complete our application – Along with the application there is a $25.00 application fee and an essay requirement. The essay must be word processed. Instructions for the essay are on the back of the application. You must also request that an official high school transcript or official documentation of a GED/HISET be sent to us. Foreign country diplomas must be translated into English, and a certified equivalency to a U.S. education must be provided by the Center for Educational Documentation, (CED). You can submit your application in person or by mail. If paying by money order, please make payable to: Diman Regional.


    If mailing, send to: Diman Regional Technical Institute

                                        School of Practical Nursing

                                        251 Stonehaven Road

                                        Fall River, MA 02723


    Step 2

    There is a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) requirement. All test takers must create an ATI account by visiting: www.atitesting.com - The current required version is the TEAS, Sixth Edition. To register for TEAS at Diman, visit our website. Click Adult Ed and then Division of Continuing Education. Please note: You MUST create an account on Diman’s website before you can purchase the test. All TEAS registrations are to be done on-line; we no longer accept paper registrations.


    Minimum scores:*

    Reading:        To be determined
    Math:             To be determined
    Science:         To be determined
    English:          To be determined


    Overall Score in Proficient Range (58.7-77.3%)

    * If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you must wait at least 30 days before taking the exam again.

    Note: If you take the TEAS assessment at another location, you should contact us to submit your “unofficial” results to us. Once reviewed, if you have met the minimum requirement you will have to request that your results be sent to us directly from Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

    Step 3

    Once you have taken the test, please give us a call to see if you are eligible to schedule an interview with the Nurse Director. Once you are interviewed, the Nurse Director/Admissions Committee will give you three (3) professional reference forms to have completed and returned to us in a timely fashion. Your application is NOT considered complete until all references have been returned.

    Once all references have been received and all other required documentation is in place, eligible applications are held for selection.


    Pre-Admission TEAS Prep Courses

    Applying to the Practical Nursing Program is stressful enough! Do your best on the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Test. Check our website for TEAS Prep Courses. www.dimanregional.org – click on ADULT ED and then Division of Continuing Education. Participate in this preparation course and get the help in reviewing all four sections: Reading, Mathematics, Science and English Language Usage. Classes are taught by English, Mathematics, Science and English Language Arts faculty members. Individual courses may be registered al la carte for $125.00 per course. Registration for the classes is on line. Classes are held from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in the high school through the main entrance.

    The ATI TEAS Study Manual (6e) (ISBN: 978-1-56533-575-2) is mandatory for the first class. The one book can be used in all four classes. The book can be purchased at the following online providers:






    Tuition is based on residency. Please see the 3 tuition categories below.


    1. In-District Resident Tuition –

    (Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Westport)


    1. Out-of-District Resident Tuition

    (All Massachusetts Residents NOT within the District)


    1. Out-of-State Resident Tuition



    Other Fees

    There are other fees associated with the Program which are not included in the tuition.


    • Seat Fee
    • Class Uniforms
    • Clinical Uniforms
    • Books
    • ATI Testing
    • Liability Insurance
    • Graduation Uniform
    • Passport photo for NCLEX
    • NCLEX application
    • Miscellaneous school supplies


    Financial Aid

    Diman Regional Technical Institute accepts Financial Aid. All students seeking financial assistance through the U.S. Department of Education must complete a FAFSA application.

    Financial aid helps fill the gap between the costs of attending our program and the amount that students and their families can afford to pay. These funds may be comprised of grants and scholarships, as well as low-interest loans. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.FAFSA.gov

    Our school code is: 005519

    Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Mrs. Lucy Thompsen at lthompsen@dimanregional.org or 508-678-2891 Ext. 1930.


    Advanced Placement (Transfer Credit)

    Course(s) may be eligible for transfer if similar in content and depth to course/clock hours taught at Diman. Course(s) must be taken at a regionally accredited/approved school, college or university.


    • Written request must be made to the Nurse Administrator
    • An official school transcript must accompany written request
    • Nurse Administrator may request course/catalog descriptions for the course(s)/clock hours requested for transfer
    • Requests for evaluation must be presented prior to the start of the course(s)
    • Non-nursing courses completed with a grade of C (75%) or better, attained within three (3) years will be evaluated
    • Cumulative averages do not transfer with students
    • Approved course(s) will be recorded on student transcript as “T” for Transfer
    • The administrative fee for course evaluations is $50.00 for each course evaluated
    • Tuition is prorated for course(s) accepted for transfer credit according to residency status and the number of clock hours


    For more information about Advanced Placement please refer to our Student Guidelines.


    Program of Study


    Term 1

    Full Time: 16 weeks – Part Time: 32 weeks


    Total Term Hours

    Anatomy & Physiology           


    Growth, Development and Behavior             

    Foundations of Nursing – (FON) Theory

    Foundations of Nursing Lab Skills      

    Foundations of Nursing – (FON) Clinical       















    Term 2

    Full Time: 8 weeks – Part Time: 16 weeks


    Total Term Hours

    Medical Surgical Nursing 1 – Theory

    Medical Surgical Nursing 1 – Clinical





    Term 3

    Full Time: 8 weeks – Part Time: 16 weeks


    Total Term Hours

    Medical Surgical Nursing 2 – Theory

    Medical Surgical Nursing 2 – Clinical





    Term 4

    Full Time: 8 weeks – Part Time: 16 weeks


    Total Term Hours

    Leadership/Management in Nursing – Theory

    Leadership/Management in Nursing – Clinical

    Family Centered Nursing – Theory

    Family Centered Nursing – Clinical











    Total Program








    Graduates are eligible to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination as a Practical Nurse. (NCLEX-PN)




    School Accreditations:

    Fully accredited by the Council of Occupational Education (COE)

    Full Approval Status from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN)



    For more information, or to read our Frequently Asked Questions,

    please visit our website



    Click on the ADULT ED Tab and Practical Nursing


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