Advanced Google Techniques

    1. Use quotation marks around any phrases to search for just that phrase.
      Ex: “Diman Regional” “Chevy Volt” “Canon 80D”

    2. Add plus and minus symbols to require or exclude words. A + means that the term must be included in the results, while a - means that the term CANNOT be in the results.
      Ex: +”Diman Bengals” +MPG

    3. Use “Tools” on the right-hand side of the screen to limit your search by all sorts of parameters. Each search type (All, Shopping, Videos, etc., have different limitations. 
      Google Tools

    4. Use “Advanced Search” under “Settings” to get really specific. Advanced search allows the user to really hone their search by using 13 different filters. 

    5. Use Google Scholar at to research scholarly articles only, which is fantastic for academic research. 

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