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    1. The Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee is committed to offering adult vocational programs in the areas of trade preparatory, trade extension and trade apprenticeship. In addition and within the limits of their finances, programs will also be offered in practical arts education. Courses non-vocational in nature may also be offered.
    2. The Regional School Committee shall, two weeks next before the opening of each term of the evening school, appropriately publicize the evening school courses (General Laws, Chapter 71, Section 20.)
    3. In addition the Committee will make available their facilities if possible and at minimal cost to private non-profit organizations who wish to conduct educational and vocational programs for residents of the area.

    Resident Tuition Fees - Evening School

    The tuition fees will be set annually by the Regional School Committee for Evening School tuition.

    The registration tuition and fee refunds will be established on an annual basis.

    Registration Fee Refund

    A non-refundable fee is payable at the time of registration. If a class or course is canceled by the Director due to insufficient enrollment and/or teacher not available, the registration fee will be refunded.

    Tuition Fee Refund

    The Refund Policy becomes effective at the time that the tuition fee is paid.  If a student withdraws on the 3rd or 4th class, refund will be one half of tuition paid.  After the fourth class, no refund of tuition will be returned.

    Courses 30 hours or less are not subject to the above refund policy as there will be no refund for these courses.