• File:  IHAQB-R


     Shop Order Procedure

    1. Shop Request Application Forms will be available at the Business Office of the school. 
      1. The completed job request form is to be returned to the school office at which time it will be numbered and logged by the clerk in charge.
      2. Jobs done by students as part of their educational program will be logged in the individual shops and not as outlined above.
      3. The completed approved form will be forwarded to the appropriate department head or the Occupational Coordinator in those departments lacking a department head.
    2. The Department Head/Occupational Coordinator shall assign a priority category based on the following:
      1. Renovations, maintenance, and improvements to the school property. 
      2. City and town government.
      3. Work by individual students on their own projects as part of their educational program.
      4. Administrators, Regional School Committee, faculty, staff, and their families.
      5. Non-profit organizations.
      6. General student body.
      7. General public on a first-come, first served basis.
    3. The Department Head, Occupational Coordinator shall review the specifications of the job with the customer and identify the following:
      1. Status of job being completed during this school year.
      2. Timetable as projected by the instructor for the completion of the job.
      3. Details of the project.
      4. Estimated service charges.
    4.  The Shop Order Card will be issued at the Business Office when the project is to begin.
    5.  All purchases of materials and supplies purchased from vendors shall include the customer's name and the job number. All invoices for materials shall include the net price used in billing the customer.  This information is to be recorded on the new shop order card, Exhibit "A" attached.
    6.  The customer will pay the total charges listed on the shop order card to the clerk in the Main Office. The customer will receive a Permission to Release form which is to be given to the Department Head or Instructor before the job will be released.
    7. It should be generally understood that the following provisions will be adhered to:
      1. All services provided are intended for personal use and not for profit.
        1. No automobile is to be worked on if the sole purpose is to increase the value for resale or trade.
      2. When a job has been completed in a particular shop for a customer, a second job cannot be approved until all other customer's requests have been honored.