• File:  IHAQB


    The priority list for jobs performed in school shops is as follows:

    1. Renovation, maintenance, and improvement to school property.
    2. City and Town Government.
    3. Work by individual students on their own projects, in their own shop.
    4. Administration/School Committee/Faculty/Staff.
    5. Non-profit organizations-Boys Club, Salvation Army, etc.
    6. General student body.
    7. Additional work or projects as necessary to provide sufficient training for our students will be accepted from general public on a first-come, first-served basis. All jobs must fit into the education plan.
    8. A service charge will be assessed to all customers with the following exception: Students working on their own project if mandated as part of the curriculum.

    The policy is the product of input from instructors, department heads, and administration. The service charge is based on the instructors’ professional judgment of estimating the timer required for the job performed in industry as a reasonable service charge at this time.

    The implementation of this policy will result in the following: 

    1. That all instructors will inform people requesting jobs to be done in the shop that the job will take approximately (x) hours time at the established service charge before work begins.
    2. Students will be involved in estimating the amount of time required to complete shop jobs.
    3. Everyone involved with Diman's shop activities will become much more conscious of this very important area of instruction.
    4. The lack of a uniform procedure and policy that has existed is now eliminated.
    5. The amount of revenue raised should show a marked increase in most shop areas.